Launching the official journey to the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles, LA28 recently unveiled the new LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games emblem through a collection of athlete, artist and advocate voices celebrating sport, art and the Los Angeles community. The Olympic and Paralympic marks are inspired by the infinite possibilities Los Angeles represents and honors creativity, diversity, self-expression and inclusion.

“There has never been a more important time to give rise to athlete voices,” Casey Wasserman, LA28 chairperson, said. “Sports are a special part of our global culture, connecting people and fans across communities and around the world. The LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be a platform for individual stories of triumph, heartbreak and opportunity as we recognize and revere humanity’s diversity and dreams for the future.”

Creates an emblem for the digital age.

Built for the digital age, the dynamic and animated LA28 emblem is designed to keep fresh for the unprecedented eight-year journey to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles. A strong and bold “L,” “2” and “8” serve as the foundation for the emblem, with individual stories expressed through a dynamic and ever-changing “A.”

“Los Angeles defies a singular identity and there’s not one way to represent LA,” Janet Evans, LA28 Chief Athlete Officer and five-time Olympic medalist, said. “L.A. is what it is because of the people and the LA28 Games should represent that. The best way to capture the energy of Los Angeles and the Games is through a collection of voices. Los Angeles is an infinite canvas to pursue your wildest dreams and in 2028, thousands of Paralympians and Olympians will come to L.A. to chase their dreams on the global stage.”

The LA28 Paralympic Games will be the first Paralympic Games to be featured in the same city, which, up until 1988, were hosted at a different site than the Olympic Games. Valley News/Golin Media photo

“The emblem perfectly represents the city’s energy, creativity and strong sense of community, while also celebrating the Olympic belief of unity in diversity,” Nicole Hoevertsz, LA28 coordination commission chair, said. “LA28 continues to create innovative ways to engage Angelenos and people from across the world in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The idea behind the emblem and the expressions we have seen so far truly demonstrate that we are stronger together.”

Presents a collection of voices to represent Los Angeles and the Games.

Recognizing no one illustration could express all that Los Angeles and the Games represent, athletes, artists and advocates collaborated in the creation of the LA28 emblem, bringing their personal stories and dreams to life through their individual interpretations of Los Angeles. Los Angeles creators shared their personal stories including Adam Rippon, Aidan Kosaka, Alex Israel, Alex Morgan, Allyson Felix, Billie Eilish, Bobby Hundreds, Chantel Navarro, Chaz Bojórquez, Chloe Kim, Dr. Woo, Ezra Frech, Gabby Douglas, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Jamal Hill, Jorge “El Joy” Alvarez, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, Lex Gillette, Lilly Singh, Michael Johnson, Oz Sanchez, Rachel Sumekh, Reese Witherspoon, Scout Bassett, Simone Manuel and Steven Harrington.

“L.A. is a place of infinite possibilities, infinite potential,” Paralympian Scout Bassett, Los Angeles creator, said. “If you have the courage and perseverance to work for your dreams, all things are possible. The Paralympic Movement is growing in this country and we can use sport as a vehicle to change a lot of perceptions and lives.”

Nine-time Olympic medalist Allyson Felix is the most decorated female track and field athlete and the pride of Los Angeles. The shape of her “A” art is inspired by her love for movement and her deep Los Angeles roots.

“The culture of sports and excellence is something I grew up with in L.A.,” Felix said. “I grew up a Trojan fan, a Lakers fan, a Dodgers fan. I’ve been surrounded by excellence growing up here. People in L.A. are doing incredible things, and it’s hard for that not to rub off. You want to be better when you’re here.”

Musical artists, like Los Angeles native Billie Eilish, collaborate in the creation of the LA28 emblem, bringing their personal stories and dreams to life through their individual interpretations of Los Angeles. Valley News/Golin Media photo

Los Angeles-based visual and multimedia artists also collaborated on the LA28 Games emblem.

“L.A. is unique. You can be the person you want in Los Angeles,” graffiti artist and Los Angeles native Chaz Bojórquez said. “The best way to represent that is through the art. Letters describe language and language expresses culture and we’re becoming one world culture. I’m looking forward to the Olympics because I experienced the last Olympics and my parents experienced the Olympics in the 30s – it is a continuity of Los Angeles.”

Chantell Navarro, 16, five-time junior national champion boxer and Olympic hopeful, was born into a boxing family and is the first female in her family to pursue the sport. Her “A” symbolizes her sport and the culture of Mexico.

“I’m proud to be Mexican,” Navarro said. “My dream is to become an Olympian and win the gold medal in 2024, and then try again in 2028 in LA. I’m here to prove that girls can do anything boys can do.”

Marks Los Angeles’ third Olympics and first Paralympics.

The LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games will mark Los Angeles’ third Olympics – previously held in 1932 and 1984 – and first Paralympic Games, which, up until 1988, were hosted at a different site than the Olympic Games.

The LA28 Games will bring Los Angeles together to create an incredible experience for athletes, fans and everyone in the community, using Southern California’s existing world-class stadiums and venues. Ahead of the Games, with support from the International Olympic Committee, LA28 is investing $160 million in youth sports across Los Angeles, making sports more accessible for children, particularly in under resourced communities.

The LA28 story is shared through a collection of voices across social media @LA28 and on the new website. Exclusive LA28 apparel from Nike is available at

The LA28 organizing committee is the nonprofit, privately funded organization responsible for delivering the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles. The 2028 Games will harness the creativity, optimism and youthful energy of LA to create an amazing experience for athletes, fans and the community. With a fiscally responsible Games plan that uses the existing infrastructure across Southern California, Los Angeles expects to host more than 15,000 athletes in 2028 as it welcomes Paralympians and Olympians from around the world to compete on the biggest stage in sports.

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