Lake Elsinore City Council agreement with Hartzog & Crabill Inc.


Lake Elsinore City Council approved a contract with Hartzog and Crabill Inc. for $3,596 for on-call traffic operations and services during its Tuesday, July 14, meeting.

The city utilizes on-call traffic operation services through a contract with Hartzog & Crabill to create a safe and efficient traffic circulation system within the city. With this contract, the city is able to utilize public resources that general staff is unable to provide. Hartzog & Crabill has been providing services for the city’s engineering department since 2009.

The amendment discussed in the city council meeting calls for final payment for traffic signal services provided from Hartzog & Crabill through the end of the fiscal year.

The engineering department recommended approval from the city council for Hartzog & Crabill within the means of the adopted capital improvement plan.

In August 2010, Lake Elsinore renewed their contract with Hartzog & Crabill to reduce traffic flow, reduce car emissions and improve air quality. The current renewal would allow the city to serve its citizens in the most economical way.

“In order to maintain a high level of service in a most economical way, engineering consultant Hartzog & Crabill Inc. has been contracted to provide traffic operations services to the city,” Grant Yates city manager of Lake Elsinore, said.

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