Lake Elsinore experiences an increase in visitors as quarantine drags on

Lake Elsinore
A fisherman waits for the big bite on Lake Elsinore where an influx of visitors have arrived in recent weeks seeking escape from the coronavirus pandemic. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

Emily Schwank, Intern

Lake Elsinore’s many amenities have become a prime spot for visitors seeking an escape from the coronavirus pandemic.

With 3,000 acres of water and 14 miles of shoreline, Lake Elsinore is southern California’s largest natural, freshwater lake. According to the city website, the lake has public beaches with picnic tables, shade features, easy-access parking and a 3-mile levee for hiking. It offers visitors motor boating, kayaking, fishing and many other activities. A tournament channel can be used for professional ski instruction, club and pro competitions.

Nicole Dailey, assistant to the city manager in the city of Lake Elsinore, said the lake has seen an increase in visitors in recent months.

“Really since Memorial Day we’ve seen a lot more interest,” she said. “We’ve seen our (RV) reservations go up to 100% capacity nearly every weekend. We’ve had to close our parking lot to day use.”

Dailey said the lake has seen a wide variety of visitors.

“We’ve seen an increase in fish anglers,” Dailey said. “We’ve seen an increase in boating, on the lake and jet skis. We’ve seen some really large performance boats down to regular families in a raft.”

While Dailey said the city “only has jurisdiction over some of the shoreline,” they are still encouraging lake users to maintain social distancing orders and to wear masks when they can’t.

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