Lake Elsinore nail salon steps up with donations 

Nancy Salazar and Olga Loera, along with staff, at the grand opening of their Social Nails and Lashes salon at the Lake Elsinore Outlets. The salon has donated hundreds of masks and gloves to local hospitals and organizations. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Jeff Pack
Staff Writer 

Nancy Salazar knew she could help when the call came out on social media asking for donations on items such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. 

Salazar and Olga Loera own the newly opened Social Nails and Lashes in the Lake Elsinore Outlets.

“We had just made an order for masks and gloves,” Salazar said. “We had just received those a week before, and we usually order stuff in advance to have in stock. When this happened, we just decided that it was better to give them to somebody else that needed them and could use them.”

The salon’s donation was pointed out by Nico Melendez, husband to Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez and a Southwest Health System board member. 

Nico Melendez said he saw a post made by Salazar on “What’s Up Lake Elsinore?” a Facebook community group. 

“Nancy asked if anyone had any contacts with the hospital because she had some extra masks that she wouldn’t be able to use because of the closure of her business,” Melendez said. “She told me she had 200 masks that she was willing to donate. We made plans to connect and when I went to her house, she told me she also had masks that she was donating to another hospital. 

“What I found incredible is a small-business owner, who probably struggles to make ends meet every month, was willing to part with supplies she pays for to help the community,” he said.

Assemblymember Melissa Melendez also gave a shoutout to the salon in one of her COVID-19 updates. 

In all, the salon has donated more than 200 masks and gloves to local hospitals and Helping Hands in Lake Elsinore. 

“We also donated all of our hand sanitizers because we have one in each station,” Salazar said. “So we did hand sanitizers, toilet paper. We didn’t have much, but whatever we had, we just wanted to make sure that somebody could use them.”

The salon, which opened in February, has closed its doors and it is understandably a difficult time. But Salazar isn’t concerned about herself. 

“Thankfully my husband’s still working, but what stresses me more is our six techs that are depending on their jobs, and our business being open,” she said. “They’re just sitting there waiting like all of us are. That’s my biggest headache, leaving them without a job.”

In the meanwhile, Salazar is trying to get more businesses to chip in. The salon has always been about the community, she said they have participated in several fundraisers over the past few months. 

“I know what we did is nothing big. I wish I could’ve done a lot more, but I do believe that something little will make a difference,” she said. “And I did see that after people saw my post, they were helping out too. So, I think the goal was achieved.”

Social Nails and Lashes is located at 17600 Collier Ave., in the Lake Elsinore Outlets in Lake Elsinore. For more information, call 951-322-3489.

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