Lake Elsinore reaches out to residents with new webpage


The city of Lake Elsinore is continuing efforts to reach residents for comments and feedback regarding quality of life in the city with the launch of its new webpage, Let’s Talk Lake Elsinore.

The move comes after completion of a survey conducted earlier this year revealing that residents are satisfied with their quality of life but are still concerned about essential city programs such as public safety and public works services.

“The city is seeking to engage more with our community and this is just the beginning,” Assistant to the City Manager Nicole Dailey said. “We are excited by the feedback we have already received through our community satisfaction survey conducted earlier this year.”

The initial survey identified several areas that residents identified as local priorities that they would like the city to continue to address including, street repairs, reducing gang activity and drug related crimes, addressing homelessness, providing quick responses to 911 emergencies, improving fire protection and paramedic services, keeping public areas clean and free of graffiti and providing law enforcement services including neighborhood patrols, crime prevention and investigations.

“We are eager to hear even more from our citizens about the priorities identified including public safety services, street/road improvements, quality of life concerns and opportunities for the lake,” Dailey said.

The new survey, open to all residents of the city and found online at, asked residents to rank the aforementioned areas of concern in order of importance.

The city will review all the comments and surveys using the results to help prioritize the issues identified by the community and allocate resources to address them.

“The goal is to engage with our community and gather valuable, additional feedback to supplement what we learned through our community satisfaction survey conducted earlier this year,” Dailey said. “During this survey, key priorities were identified by the community as issues to be addressed, and now we want to hear more from the community to assist in future planning and budgeting efforts by the city.”

According to Dailey, the survey will be available well into next year as the city wants to allow enough time to give everyone in the community time to participate and share their feedback.

“This is just the start of many efforts we hope to make to engage more with our citizens,” Dailey said.

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