Lauzier hopes to continue working to better AEC

Steve Lauzier
Incumbent Steve Lauzier seeks reelection to the Anza Electric Cooperative board. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

Incumbent Anza Electric Cooperative board member Steve Lauzier hopes to be reelected to his seat so that he can continue the work he has focused on while sitting on the board.

Married with one son, and the son of a third-generation farmer, Lauzier said he has 43 years of experience in management, finance and economic development which has benefited him during his time on the board. He said he doesn’t just show up, he is always looking for new products, new methods and ways to improve upon things already in place.

Lauzier, who attended California State University Long Beach and Regis University, said if reelected he would “continue looking for ways for Anza Electric Cooperative to play a strong role in our communities’ schools and economic development.”

Lauzier has served AEC on the finance committee and the policy and bylaws committee. He was elected to represent AEC as trustee of Northwest Public Power Association and elected by Anza Electric Cooperative to serve as vice president and on the executive committee.

While working for the betterment of the community gives him great pleasure, he said; some of the best moments in his life have been coaching AYSO soccer teams and raising horses on his farm.

“We need to keep working on having the best internet anywhere,” Lauzier said.

He said that while no one planned on COVID-19, it affected construction for AnzaConnect.

“Service, once constructed and online has been maintained, but the new lines are still a wish for many of us still waiting,” he said. “Good people keep working the best they can and good people have kept working around these situations as best they can, but they didn’t quit.

“Thanks to the forward planning of Anza Electric Cooperative’s great management we have power for everyone and directors who focus on rates, planning, technology and excellent employees,” he said.

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