According to Doug Wiens, because of the threat of a lawsuit from one of America’s oldest fraternal organizations, Le Grange Grill and Cellars has undergone a rebranding to become The Wine Ranch Grill and Cellars as of a couple of weeks ago. 

The wine, craft beer and restaurant in Murrieta held a celebration to commemorate the rebranding, Oct. 25. 

“Anyway, they have one restaurant in Sacramento called the Grange, so they sued us over infringement,” Wiens said in a phone interview. “So, the one single restaurant in the whole country, in Sacramento, and they sued us for that trademark, so we changed it.” 

The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry encourages families to band together to promote the economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture and is the oldest American agricultural advocacy group with a national scope in the country. 

They are also changing the name of the wines as well. 

“Our labels are Wine Ranch Cellars now too,” Wiens said. “I think I kind of like it better, and a lot of people have said that they like the new name better. It tells you what we are. So, we’re not too unhappy about it.”

The restaurant, which opened about a year and a half ago, features an Americana-gastropub style menu, and their burgers are the biggest sellers on the menu. They also have a full wine-tasting bar. 

Debbie and Doug Wiens pose with a cake during a celebration to mark the change in name of their Murrieta restaurant and wine tasting room.

“It’s been pretty steady,” Wiens said. “We opened with a bang, of course. When you first opened up, we were really busy and that kind of settled down, and we’ve been really steady since then. We’d like to get more lunch business, but there’s just not much going on down in Historic Murrieta at lunchtime. Friday nights are our busiest night. We have pretty much a full house for four hours Friday nights and Saturdays, usually about half full all day long.” 

It’s not the only roadblock Wiens has experienced in doing business in recent weeks. His Orange Crest Winery in Newport Beach has been told it needs to find a new place to live because the city is evicting them from their light industrial location. 

“We grew from one small little wine tasting room that was only open on weekends to taking two or three contiguous units in this little warehouse light industrial complex,” Wiens said. “The city of Newport Beach decided that we were too big, and we had too much retail going on there. So they are kicking us out, which, you know, it’s kinda ridiculous because we weren’t hurting anybody. We’re only open on weekends during the week.”

Wiens said they are again rolling with the punches and moving to a new location in Costa Mesa. 

“They’re just not that business-friendly because they think everybody wants to have a business in Newport Beach,” Wiens said. “So they don’t care.”

Wine Ranch Grill and Cellars is located at 24683 Washington Ave. in Murrieta. Visit

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