Letter to the Editor

Diane Sieker photo

Dear Editor,

I read the article regarding “New York Times stalks Tucker Carlson” from Friday, Aug. 7. It was inaccurate. The New York Times wasn’t going to expose Tucker Carlson’s address or other personal information about him. They declined to do it before he did his rant on his Fox News show.

A couple of years before that, some organization exposed Carlson’s address and the like, but it wasn’t The New York Times. Antifa was involved with that horrible incident.  On the other hand, Carlson did expose the reporter from The New York Times, Murray Carpenter’s home address to the public. Carlson always talks about the horrible elitists in charge and I agree, but he admitted as much in a 2008 interview on “The Bubba the Love Sponge Show,” calling himself an “out-of-the-closet elitist” who was “absolutely not a man of the people at all.”

Tucker Carlson was also a big proponent to expose the whistleblower who started the impeachment trial. Your newspaper does a really good job covering the local area and its issues. I wish you would stick to that instead of having an angry old white man who has his own personal agenda and often slants the facts.

Henry Kantrowitz