Livabetes offers residents a new way to thrive with diabetes

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MENIFEE – Healthy Menifee’s newest program, Livabetes, is a free community resource aimed to help Menifee residents increase their fitness levels, provide nutritional education and try new activities in order to enhance their lifestyles.

Livabetes sessions will be held during two separate times Wednesdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the North Annex located at 29995 Evans Road, and from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Rancho Medical Group, 27190 Sun City Boulevard.

Healthy Menifee was established in 2017 as a way to bring healthy programming and resources at little to no cost to Menifee residents. It has evolved in the two years since its establishment to include youth programming such as free park visits and after school programs, free summer fitness programming for adults and free senior programming, such as walking clubs and gardening. Healthy Menifee looks to expand programming in the future, starting with Livabetes.

“We are passionate about keeping Healthy Menifee accessible to all residents,” Jonathan Nicks, director of Menifee Community Services, said. “This program aims to provide support and community resources so those living with diabetes can live a life with minimal limitations. We look forward to expanding Healthy Menifee and providing quality programs and community support for residents in all stages of life.”

This program is made possible through collaboration from our partners at Rancho Medical Group and city staff. Healthy Menifee follows guidelines set by Healthy People 2020 and continues to set high standards for all programs and activities offered to residents in order to maintain quality and low cost services. For more information, contact the Menifee Community Services Department at (951) 723-3880 or visit

Submitted by city of Menifee.