Local actor wins award

Actor Steve Silkotch brings his cowboy skills to his indie film roles. Kay Collins photo

Known as a real cowboy, family man and musician, Steve Silkotch is also becoming recognized for his acting accomplishments. When the script calls for a rugged, handsome, tough wrangler, he seems to fit the bill perfectly.

With acting come awards to those lucky enough to earn them. Silkotch’s latest recognition occurred at the 2019 third annual Coachella Valley Indie Film Awards in Rancho Mirage Monday, Oct. 7. He earned the Best Male Actor Award at the gala.

He won Best Supporting Actor at the CV Indie Film Awards in 2017.

Silkotch has performed in the live play “Ramona” since 2000 and on the silver screen in “Tucker’s War” and other independent films.

Actor Steve Silkotch, known throughout the community as a real cowboy, family man and musician, is winning awards for his acting skills. Kay Collins photo

He was first known as a talented local musician, who was adept at the guitar and a popular musical choice in the Anza Valley.

“My mom sang a lot with a bunch of different people when I was a kid,” he said. “I was about 12 when I started playing but I didn’t really get into it until I was in my twenties, going to a lot of open mic jam sessions.”

His musical endeavors prepared him for a change of venue, as the acting bug, combined with a Wild West persona, changed his direction into the world of motion pictures.

“I started acting when I joined the ‘Ramona’ play back in 2000 and got into film acting through Stephen Savage, who rewrote the script for ‘Ramona’ in 2014,” Silkotch said. “He had some projects he wanted to use us in and so that journey began.”

Silkotch, along with local cowboy talents such as Michael Thomas and JR Hull, have appeared in the independent Western films. “Tucker’s War” was written and directed by Savage, and the film “Cataract Gold,” written and directed by Paul Kiener, also employed Silkotch’s talent. Other films – “American Moonlight” written and directed by Jeremiah Carbajal, “One Year Pact” written and directed by Gina Carey and “Rose England” written and directed by Gina Carey have kept him very busy, he said.

His acting style brings back the old Western film standards that were so cherished during the heyday of the genre.

As a cowboy, Silkotch can be seen at trail rides and calf brandings. He is as comfortable on a horse as he is onstage in front of thousands of people.

Silkotch’s wife Jacqueline said she supports his career, while caring for their daughter Gussie Mae and infant son Jack.

For more information about Steve Silkotch, visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ssilkotch.

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