Local cities rank high in safety, according to SafeWise list

The Murrieta Police Department's station in Murrieta Town Square. Valley News/Will Fritz file photo

According to SafeWise, an independent review site, the city of Murrieta ranks as the fifth safest city in the state of California, falling in line just behind Danville which was first overall, Irvine, Rancho Santa Margarita and Yorba Linda.

Also appearing on the top 50 cities list was Temecula at No. 15, Menifee at No. 31 and Wildomar at No. 43. 

The study factors in violent crime and property crime rates per 1,000 residents and lists the median income of each city as well as the total population. 

According to SafeWise, 86% of this year’s safest cities are on the list for the second consecutive year and Southern California cities held 30 of the 50 spots on the list. 

Murrieta had a violent crime rate of 0.71 and a property crime rate of 14 per 1,000 residents, according to the report. Murrieta’s property crime rate was the highest of any city in the Top 5. 

Temecula’s violent crime rate was 1.02 and had a property crime rate of 22.69, the highest rate of occurrence per 1,000 residents of any city in the Top 20. 

Menifee’s violent crime rate was 1.36 and 21.81 in property crimes and Wildomar had the highest violent crime rate among top-ranked southwest Riverside County cities coming in with 1.53 per 1,000 residents with a reported 18.62 property crimes. 

San Jacinto’s violent crime rate was 2.38 with a property crime rate of 33.48, ranking them 86th overall. Lake Elsinore was No. 105 with a 2.68 violent crime and 32.43 property crime rating. 

Hemet was the last of the cities ranked at No. 190 with a 5.37 violent crime and 36.53 property crime rating. 

According to SafeWise, the state’s violent crime rate was 4.51, just a tad higher than the national average of 4.49, but rated better than the national property crime rate of 27.11, coming in at a 26.08 average. 

The report said that more than 90% of California cities had lower property crime rates than the national average. The report also said that Californians ranked property crime as their biggest safety concern and 64% said it was their No. 1 concern in the survey. 

Californians reported that 16% of them had experienced a violent crime within the past year. 

The survey also reported that air quality was the biggest natural disaster fear at 72% with earthquakes ranking second at 60%.

To read the entire list, visit www.safewise.com/blog/safest-cities-california.

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