Local restaurants close shortly after reopening

The patio at 1909 Temecula in Old Town sits empty as the restaurant closed its doors indefinitely due to an employee being diagnosed with COVID-19. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

After a brief reopening, The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery on Winchester Road in Murrieta closed its doors, shortly after two popular Temecula eateries did the same, all due to staff members testing positive for COVID-19. 

1909 Temecula and Luke’s on Front in Old Town also made the decision to close after learning that some staff members tested positive for COVID-19. The decision was made, they said, to keep their staff and guests safe. 

Before reopening earlier this month, 1909 Temecula put new procedures in place to keep both staff and guests safe during the pandemic. Unfortunately, one of their staff members contracted the virus shortly after. The restaurant has continued to update their guests on social media in regards to who may be at risk and what will be implemented before opening to the public. 

 “Maintaining a safe, enjoyable establishment is our top priority and we’ll be focusing on this situation over the next couple of days by immediately bringing in a professional sanitation crew to disinfect our building, and providing all of our staff members with rapid-result COVID tests to ensure they are healthy,” 1909 Temecula said. “Any staff members who test positive will be given paid leave while they quarantine.”

1909 Temecula made the decision to temporarily close Thursday, June 18. 

1909 Temecula posts a temporary closure update on social media to keep guests informed. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Shortly after 1909 Temecula closed, Luke’s on Front made the decision to temporarily close to ensure safety of their staff members and customers. While they are allowed to reopen their dining area, they are taking precautionary measures to follow Centers of Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. 

“We have personally taken all of our staff to be tested to continue our efforts in COVID safety,” Luke’s on Front said on their website. “Out of abundance of caution for our valued guests and staff members we will be temporarily closing.”

Both guests and staff members appreciate their efforts to keep them safe. 

“I feel so safe working for a company like this,” Savannah Shaffer, an employee at Luke’s on Front, said. 

Luke’s on Front made the decision to close temporarily Friday, June 19, to better prepare for a dine-in experience after months of offering strictly takeout. 

On Saturday, June 20, The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery was informed that one of their staff members tested positive for COVID-19. Since receiving news, Shamrock owners has been working closely with the Riverside County Health Department to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery closes after some staff members tested positive for COVID-19. Valley News/Courtesy photo

“Our small team of staff are the backbone of The Shamrock and we want to make sure that they are all tested and fit and healthy before we open our doors again,” The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery said in a Facebook post. “After the forced closure during lock-down this is the last thing we wanted to do but we feel that we must act responsibly as a business to all our staff and customers.”

The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery made the decision to close Saturday, June 19, immediately after receiving the news of a staff member contracting COVID-19. They are continuing to monitor the situation. 

While life is beginning to get back to normal, it is important to practice safety measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Social distancing, frequent handwashing and wearing face coverings are some ways to prevent the spread, according to the CDC. 

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