Local wellness center creates an alcove for healing and relaxation


Wind chimes slowly sway in the breeze while the air feels light and the people relax. 

Serenity Cove, a health and wellness retreat in Temecula, was started by flight nurse Elena “Lena” Servin and her husband. The retreat sits on 5 acres of land at 39700 Vía De Oro in Temecula, surrounded by trees, wildlife and nature.

“We offer yoga classes, reiki treatments and massage treatments,” Servin said. 

They also have an Airbnb mobile trailer on-site. 

It will be two years in July since Servin and her husband bought the property. 

“The lady who lived here before was – she was just this amazing woman. She was in her 40s when she bought it, and she lived here for 16 years,” Servin said. “She was just this free-spirited, kind of cool lady.”

Servin added that the woman who owned it previously was also a massage therapist and gave massages to the nuns at the Vina de Lestonnac retreat center nearby. 

“She spent so much time just planting things, making little walk-ways and stuff like that, and her dad got ill so she had to sell the property and so we found it,” Servin said.

Servin said it was synchronicity finding the property.

“I remember when I first came, I was having the worst day,” Servin said. “I had worked a 24-hour shift. I was really tired, and my husband’s like ‘You’ve gotta see this property.’

“Anything I look at I’m going to think is terrible because I’m so negative right now,” Servin said in reflection, due to being tired that day. “I came and I was like – I immediately, my attitude changed.”

Servin works as a full-time nurse. 

“We realized we should just have people come here and just feel the healing energy of the space because it just feels good,” Servin said. “It just feels like you’re surrounded by trees, nature, all you hear is birds and wind chimes and animals, so whatever’s going on – so that’s why we wanted to come out here.” 

Servin has been doing yoga for 10 years and offers space for yoga and reiki at Serenity Cove.

“I did my yoga teacher training certification this past year,” she said. “I was always interested in energy healing so I pursued certification in reiki training and things like that, so that’s something I offer as well. I also have other people that come that are reiki practitioners that use the space too.”

Servin said she found that with everything going on, people have been contacting her more to come and have classes at the site. 

“Because it’s outdoors, it feels a little safer and the restrictions are different,” Servin said. 

Servin has some goals in mind for the future of the site. 

“Day retreats or weekend retreats and have people be able to come out and camp or just stay for the day and just do classes and get reiki and all health and wellness,” Servin said. 

Servin invited anyone who wants to promote health and wellness to use the grounds.

“I try to be very cognizant of them being able to come in and make money and be able to get people in but not risk so much on; well, what’s the space rental going to be,” Servin said. “Normally I do about 20, 25% of the ticket price, so that way whoever you have come you only have to pay me for what you got paid for, so it’s less risky. It’s my way of letting people maybe who are new to it or have something going but not sure how to use the space in order to promote their own business.”

Servin started yoga as a way of relaxing, she said. 

“I was going through a really dark period of feeling depressed, and I think yoga for me was the way to get out of my head,” she said. “It became something very therapeutic, and then as time went on I realized that I’ve worked emergency. I’ve always worked critical care, ER, now I do flight nursing, which is all critical care or trauma, and I needed balance because it’s high stress, so yoga was a way to bring those things more into alignment.”

Serenity Cove has a creek that runs through it when it rains, as well as hiking trails. 

“We just added the pool because we’re going to do poolside yoga retreats there,” Servin said. “We added the Airbnb probably in August of last year and didn’t realize how well that was going to be received and how it fit so perfectly with what we were already trying to do.” 

Servin also wants to do goat yoga and currently has four pigmy goats. 

“They pretty much will jump on anything, so if you just lay down long enough, they’ll just jump on you,” she said. 

Local yoga teacher Christina Perez first met Servin during yoga a little more than two years ago. 

“I was teaching, so when I left that studio she came to me and told me she had found this property and she was moving out there and was planning to open it up and build decks and we could do yoga and trainings out there,” Perez said.

Perez was excited about the idea, she said. 

“I love Lena’s energy. I love everything about her. I could just imagine what the property would be like, how she would create this beautiful space. I was so excited to see it come together,” she said. 

They ran two 8-week yoga training sessions at Serenity Cove together, though the second session lasted longer due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I think people are amazed at the feeling of being out there,” Perez said. “That this place exists out here where you can go and it feels like nothing else in this area, like serenity. It takes you away from all the other things that are life, it gives you this peaceful feeling.”

For more information on Serenity Cove, visit https://www.serenitycovetemecula.com.

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