Local yoga studio finds new ways to connect with the community during stay-at-home orders

yoga mat
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Yogis have found a way to continue their practice despite quarantine measures.

Adriane Alvarez, owner and director of Home Yoga Studio, 28475 Old Town Front St., Suite B, in Temecula, moved their yoga classes onto Zoom’s online platform when COVID-19 stay-at-home measures were first being put in place.

“I closed the studio doors and we went online on Zoom immediately, and we just resumed our full schedule via online,” Alvarez said. “I just decided that for the community, not just the yoga community, but my direct Temecula community just kind of doing our part and helping to flatten the curve.”

It’s been challenging, she said, but the overall outlook on moving classes online has been positive.

“Lately we’ve been pretty solid,” Alvarez said. “Sundays I have about 26, 27; Mondays, the weekdays somewhere anywhere from 8 to 15, and then it just depends,” she said. “It varies on the class, it varies on the teacher, it varies on the timeframe.”

Alvarez first became serious about yoga 10 years ago.

“I started teaching eight years ago,” she said. “It was Living Yoga Center for a very long time, and then it was Cloud Nine Yoga for some years.”

The studio was located in Old Town and was one of the first yoga studios in the valley.

About two years, it became the Home Yoga Studio.

“At the beginning of this year, about Feb. 5, I moved the studio into a different location in Old Town,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez goes to the studio to film her online classes while other teachers are teaching in a set up yoga space.

“I have about 13 teachers,” Alvarez said. “We all come from different lineages, different backgrounds, but everybody is a master teacher, truly.”

They have beginning yoga, advanced yoga, restorative yoga and meditation.

“You’re going to find something for you with a skilled teacher that will guide you through your journey, through your practice,” Alvarez said.

Aguanga resident Jeannie Alexander first started practicing yoga when she met a couple in Anza who taught classes.

“Their classes got a little sporadic because of attendance up here,” Alexander said. “I had actually gone to Home Yoga before it was Home Yoga, when it was Cloud Nine,” she said. “I started going back down there when I couldn’t get enough classes up here.”

Alexander said she had been going through a lot during that time, and that yoga helped.

“Home Yoga just helped facilitate so much growth, and I’m so happy I found it, so happy that I’m there,” she said.

Alexander just finished her teacher training in February with Alvarez.

“When you do teacher training, you have a mentor, and I chose Adriane because I like her style,” she said. “I like vinyasa style. That’s like my favorite, but I really love it all.”

Alexander has been grateful since classes were able to move online, despite everything going on.

“It’s not the same as being in the room with everybody, but at least we still get to see each other and say hi and practice together,” Alexander said. “As yogis we do believe that we are all energetically tied, and so the fact that we’re all still practicing and have that energy going at the same time, that’s like helping the world.”

The studio is offering a new student deal of unlimited yoga classes for three weeks for $39.

“It’s a challenging thing,” Alvarez said on not being able to have classes in person right now. “We’re suffering of course because we’re not able to do walk-ins sales, but the people who are a part of the studio are really solid and dedicated to their practice so I’m feeling grateful for that.”

Alexander said she loves the sense of community, even with moving classes to a virtual platform.

“You just feel like-minded with people who truly want to make the world a better place,” she said.

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