Maurice Car’rie to launch new wine delivery program

This week Maurice Car’rie Winery will begin a new wine delivery program, enabling local residents to order select wines at a discount and have them shipped to their doors at no additional cost. The program is designed to help the local community who are sheltering at home during the Coronavirus outbreak.  
Maurice Carrie Winery recently changed ownership, with entrepreneur and business owner Janak Patel at the helm.
“We understand how stressful this time can be, so we’re looking at innovative ways to still connect with our community and hopefully alleviate some of that stress,” said Patel.
The winery plans to offer mixed cases and half cases of select wines at flat rates of $120 for a case and $75 for six bottles respectively, with delivery fees included. Wines can be ordered and paid for by phone during the winery’s normal business hours, and in some cases delivered the same day. Wine packers and delivery drivers are to follow strict guidelines to ensure the health and safety of themselves and consumers. 

In addition to this new incentive, the winery is launching a wine and brie bread delivery program for local residents. Check their website for further details.


For more information, visit or call 951-676-1711.