Meet HHH’s Adoptable Animal of the Week: Laya

Volunteer Quentin runs Laya through her paces at Heavenly Horse Haven in Anza. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo

Laya is available for adoption through the Heavenly Horse Haven equine rescue in Anza.

She is a sorrel 12-year-old paint breed stock mare. According to the American Paint Horse Association, not all paint foals have the signature flashy black to brown and white color patterns. Horses that are mostly solid are called breed stock or paint-bred, such as Laya. She boasts a paint horse’s stocky, muscular build and solid, steady temperament.

Laya excels at trail riding and does so with confidence. Her moves are fluid and correct, and she can be ridden in the English or Western disciplines.

The mare even knows a few tricks, such as taking a bow. She also makes side passes with confidence.

“She is one of my favorite horses here,” Heavenly Horse Haven owner Gina Perrin said.

The Heavenly Horse Haven equine rescue ranch is looking for loving homes for the adoptable animals, primarily horses.

Perrin said she also needs more volunteers to assist at the ranch, due to her ongoing health issues.

Many of the animals at Heavenly Horse Haven were acquired by the rescue in poor condition and in need of rehabilitation. Others were owner-relinquished in perfect health and in various phases of training. The horses are assessed and vetted, and their individual needs are met. Additional training is provided if needed. When they are ready, they are offered for adoption to their forever homes.

“It is our mission to help meet the need for a ‘safe haven’ for horses or other farm animals who are at risk, neglected, abused, too expensive to keep, unwanted or otherwise in need of special care,” according to the Heavenly Horse Haven website. “We are a diverse team of donors, supporters and volunteers from all walks of life who have stood up and said, ‘Not on my watch!’ We are united in the belief that ‘I can help save this animal.’”

Besides horses, ponies and miniature horses, the ranch is home to an emu, dogs, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, goats, poultry and pigs.

Heavenly Horse Haven is located at 58290 Marlis Lane in Anza. Contact them at (951) 551-3561 or at

For more information about Heavenly Horse Haven, visit or find them on Facebook.

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