Meet the candidates for Hemet City Council District 4


Editor’s note: There are nine candidates for the three Hemet City Council seats opening as listed on the Nov. 3 general election local ballot. This week, readers have the opportunity to meet the three candidates for District 4.

The Hemet City Council District 4 seat became open following the resignation of Bonnie Wright, who left her longtime seat because of family and health reasons.

Mike Madrid

Mike Madrid is a retired aerospace analyst who resides in Seven Hills.

“I am asking for your support to represent your interests on the Hemet City Council. My objective is to make this a better cohesive city,” Madrid said. “As your councilman, I will seriously consider the issues and make decisions wisely based upon information available and input from District 4 residents. It is essential to also keep in mind the effect of council decisions on our lives within the city of Hemet.

“I have been a resident in District 4 for 21 years. I know the positive things about our city and those things that need improvement. We have, by far, the best police and fire departments in the county. I am a supporter of Measure U (1% sales tax for public safety) and the significant effect it has had in helping our fire and police,” he said.

Madrid pointed out his work experience.

“My work experience has been in management for over 21 years is being employed by a major aerospace company. During that time, I held several job classifications including: project estimator, cost price analyst, materiel pricing manager, purchasing manager and major procurement manager.”

Madrid said he has spent years volunteering and helping others.

“My community service includes volunteering with the Hemet Police Department for the past seven years and president of a retirement club that supported one of Hemet’s elementary schools with Christmas gifts for over 20 years,” Madrid said. “I have also served as vice president of the Seven Hills Property Owners Association for three years and have been a poll worker and bilingual interpreter for many California elections. I continue to volunteer in the Seven Hills community whenever my talents are needed.

“My education has included a number of institutions. I graduated from high school in New Mexico. During my employment, I attended several colleges which specialized in my specific job responsibilities at that time. Lastly, I attended Redlands University Whitehead management program,” he said.

Madrid is a golfer, photographer and musician in his spare time.

“My hobbies include golf, where I served as Seven Hills Golf Club membership chairman, treasurer and secretary. I also enjoy photography and music. I play several instruments and am part of a group in our church that performs for nursing homes and shut ins,” Madrid said.

Shinde V. Vishwajit

Shinde V. Vishwajit is a University of California Los Angeles educated financial consultant and candidate for the 4th District.

“Inspiring children, taking care of our elders, helping the homeless, improving health care and feeding the community are just a few of the activities I will always promote in the community,” Vishwajit said. “After visiting third-world countries, such as Mexico and India, I am motivated and equipped with a UCLA education to make America a better place.”

Vishwajit said that children should be the priority.

“I have already organized 20 internships for the youth of Hemet called ‘Contacts4Kids,’” he said. “I have partnered with local financial experts to teach kids about banking, loans, interest, building credit and buying homes – Cash4Kids. If elected, I will even establish a Youth Task Force that will research community issues so that we can link kids to politics.”

Vishwajit said he is concerned about older adults and the homeless.

“Let’s not forget about the people who made Hemet, and America, what it is today,” he said. “Zoom4Seniors connects volunteers to senior citizens through Zoom to fight elderly loneliness. Music4Seniors brings musicians to senior group homes to play tunes.

“I am confident that we can reform people to be better citizens. Hemet does not have a single homeless shelter. I have a plan to raise millions of dollars to be used for the underserved community. Food, shelter, water, job training, mindfulness and affordable housing programs can be implemented,” Vishwajit said.

He shared his ideas for health care.

“Our health care system is arguably the best in the world,” Vishwajit said. “With that in mind, there is always room for improvement, and we should never stop thinking about how to be better. I want to add lawyers into the mix of medicine, since two minds are better than one and because lawyers have a different avenue of expertise. We don’t want ‘pill mills.’”

“Judges or lawyers should review treatments lasting longer than six months. Additionally, there should be a National John Doe database to reunite missing people with their families. The city should provide audio recorders to medical facilities to give doctors and patients the option of recording their visits for future reference,” he said.

Vishwajit said he would help start more food drives in the city.

“Everyone needs food, and if elected, I would be in a better position to start many food drives in Hemet,” Vishwajit said. “I have seen people in other countries beg for food, and America should be nothing like that. The people of Hemet should have plenty to eat. The goal is to give away 1 million pounds of food every year in Hemet.

“By October, you will receive ballots in the mail. Please make the right choice for Hemet,” Vishwajit said.

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Joe Males

Joe Males is a military veteran who believes in accountability, law and order and economic expansion in the Hemet community.

Males talked of his military service and the importance of law and order.

“Of the many experiences that have shaped my life, there are several that guide my approach to public service, and to making sure that my efforts will best serve Hemet residents and businesses,” he said. “I am a military veteran. My military experience is important to me, and not just because it’s one of the reasons I learned how to be disciplined as an individual and focused in my professional life. It’s an important experience because I saw the world as a relatively young person. I saw how other cultures lived, how other societies share experiences and how they build and maintain their communities.

“My military experience was one of the first places where I was widely recognized for my achievements. I received meritorious promotions to sergeant in under two years and for receiving a meritorious mast by the commandant of the Marine Corps,” he said.

Males said he sees law and order needing more accountability in the community.

“Law and order depend on the basic notion of accountability. If someone commits a crime, even a minor crime, they should expect to be caught and expect to deal with the consequences. When there are no consequences to crime, law and order doesn’t exist. The residents of Hemet deserve leaders who will make sure that law and order is a fully functioning concept in our city.

Males said he sees law and order as key to more business development.

“Business development and a decent standard of living are possible only if everyone sees that law and order are a priority in Hemet,” he said. “Commercial development, and expansion of our tax base, happens only if we take care of those basic priorities first. There are enough liquor stores and gas stations. Now we need business that will bring jobs and restore our city’s growing tax base.”

He concluded sharing his views, saying, “There is one last point. It is an experience that I have had that I would not wish on any parent.

“In 2016, my son was murdered in an act of violence on our city’s streets. His case has been dormant in the four years since. It is this experience, and others, that gives me a better appreciation for keeping our streets safe enough for our children. It takes dedication from our city’s leaders to provide resources for public safety services, and then to hold our sworn personnel accountable. My experiences in life have given me those tools, I hope you will join my campaign and support my efforts to be your next member of the Hemet City Council,” Males said.

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