Meet the Hemet treasurer candidates, city council candidate


Editor’s note: There are two candidates for Hemet treasurer, an elected position. They will be listed on the Nov. 3 general election local ballot. This week, readers have the opportunity to meet the treasurer candidates and one other of nine candidates running for a city council seat not presented earlier in the Hemet City Council candidate profiles.

Treasurer Candidates

Sue Savage

Sue Savage is running for Hemet city treasurer, seeking to safely improve the city’s financial portfolio.

“Over a three-year period, as a citizen, I stood in front of our Hemet city council and discovered my tax dollars are not always in AAA rated safe investments,” Savage said. “Nor are they earning the highest interest. As a citizen, I forced the city to establish an Investment Oversight Committee to scrutinize the investments of our tax dollars. I forced the city to comply with California Regulations for Hemet Investment Policies and Practices.

“My best accomplishment, as a citizen, was forcing the city to move money out of an investment earning hardly anything and into an investment earning $15,000 more each year for the taxpayer.

“As treasurer, I will provide information to you and our city officials on how Hemet invests in our local area. I will make sure Hemet tax dollars are safe. Most important, I will make sure our tax dollars are earning the highest possible interest to help pay the expenses of our city,” she said.

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Howard Feigenbaum

Howard Feigenbaum, a candidate for Hemet treasurer, said he is a 15-year resident of Hemet, married and has two children and grandchildren and is a graduate of University of California Los Angeles.

He said his experience will help him improve the city’s financial picture if elected.

“I have advanced degrees from the University of Wisconsin and California State University, San Bernardino,” he said.

Feigenbaum said he has worked in the financial industry for 40 years and has a broad knowledge of investment suitability, risk management and an understanding of market conditions. A registered principal with the Financial Industry Regulatory for 31 years, he owned and operated a broker-dealer firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He shared how he can provide the leadership in helping secure the city’s financial position.

“I believe in service,” Feigenbaum said. “We have an obligation to help our neighbors and improve our community. I have served on the boards of the Diamond Valley Arts Council and the Hemet Library Foundation. I am vice president and board member of my synagogue, Temple Beth Am.”

Feigenbaum is also a writer. His published repertoire includes action-adventure novels, poetry and a children’s book.

He shared his goals for the city’s finances.

“Hemet’s fiscal stability and betterment are my priorities,” he said. “As treasurer, I will advocate for having the city explore sources of additional revenue that are not dependent on taxpayer increases to meet budgetary needs.”

He said he has been endorsed by council members Linda Krupa of District 5 and Russ Brown of District 2.

Judith Oltman, current city treasurer said, “I know Howard to be a brilliant, thoughtful, ethical person. I’m delighted to vote for him in November.”

Lynne Spreen, a Hemet resident said, “I can’t think of anyone more qualified. Hemet can really use someone like you.”

City Council Candidate

Kenneth Prado

Kenneth Prado is a city council candidate for District 1. He said the council should always work together for the betterment of the community.

“I am a proud resident of Hemet, having moved to the valley in 2008 and a proud parent of a current HUSD student and personally know the emotions, struggles and unknowns that parents of today’s times currently face,” Prado said. “I am a clinical supervisor at an M.A.T./Outpatient Treatment Center, having worked in the substance abuse field for the past 12 years.”

Prado serves in ministry at his home church, and he has been active in the educational community.

“I am a 2012 graduate of Mt. San Jacinto College. Go Eagles!” Prado said. “My experiences in college was being part of the Student Government Association and the founder and president of the A Second Chance campus club in 2010 which named a college scholarship in my name after I graduated entitled, ‘The Kenneth W. Prado Scholarship for A Second Chance.

“I campaigned with the S.G.A. body to construct bus shelters for students and the public at the San Jacinto campus, and I also worked alongside other patriots in 2016 to have the Pledge of Allegiance reinstated to all S.G.A. meetings.

“I believe that we must take advantage of our community organizations, neighborhood councils and community activists. I also strongly believe in defending and supporting our freedoms, churches, families, our children, our elderly, law enforcement, military, neighborhoods and our small businesses. We need fresh eyes, new ideas and better communication and accountability between our officials and our neighborhoods. We need to work together,” he said.

Prado shared his goals for the city council.

“I truly believe that actions speak louder than words,” he said. “In this upcoming election, voters will be looking at those solid issues of safety, security, honesty, and I hold that deep in my heart. I am a huge advocate and supporter of law and order in our community and I will not support any mention of minimizing the human right of feeling safe.

“I am running because I believe our district is worth fighting for, our values are worth fighting for, safety in our community is worth fighting for, and ultimately the American Dream. We need people who know that it is truly an honor to serve Hemet. As a father it helps me realize the gravity of the decisions that we make at the local level and its impact on our community,” he said.

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