Menifee adopts military banner policy


MENIFEE – The Menifee City Council unanimously adopted a military banner policy, at its last city council meeting, Feb. 19, that guides the city’s military banner program, a program that displays military service members on city light poles throughout various corridors in the city.

The pilot program began in 2012 and posted well over 300 banners in the city on display of local hometown heroes.

“The city of Menifee has the largest population of current military and veteran families in southwest Riverside County, and it is our honor to recognize our local heroes and give a face and name to those who sacrificed for our country,” Councilmember Lesa Sobek, one of the founders of the program in 2012 as a committee member, said.

The official adoption of the military banner policy includes several key criteria, including: required 12 months of continuous service in the United States Armed Forces, reserves or is a veteran; must list the name, or name and photography grade picture of the person and United States Armed Forces Division served and the honoree must be a resident of Menifee or an immediate family member of current Menifee resident.

Banner will be displayed for a minimum of 12 months and maximum of 24 months or until a new banner order is received to take its place or until the warranty period is reached

Banner will be presented to families or service members either at the Veterans Day event or Memorial Day event that the city hosts.

Applications will be received on an ongoing annual basis; however, installation will occur twice each fiscal year. Banners will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis; no preselection of location will be allowed to ensure that the military banner program is equitable. Military banners are currently displayed on several corridors in the city, including McCall Boulevard, Newport Road, Menifee Road, Sun City Boulevard, Cherry Hills Boulevard, Bradley Road and Murrieta Road.

“The banners are strategically located on main thoroughfares throughout Menifee as a reminder of the many names and faces of our local heroes who we have to thank and pay our respects to for their service to our country,” City Manager Armando Villa said. “We hope we see many more deserving heroes be recognized for their selfless service within this program.”

“The city is very proud of this program and often gets compliments of how many servicemen and women in Menifee we have based on the banners they see,” Dean Dienes, 4th District Councilmember and armed forces veteran, said. “It is no surprise that the city is also recognized as a Purple Heart City, and why our City Council invests in programs and organizations who provide services for our local military families, servicemen and women and veterans.”

The banner application fee is currently $135 to cover costs such as: banner design, fabrication, installation and removal; while the city covers peripheral costs such as brackets, tie-downs, cleaning and other routine maintenance items. For more information about the military banner program, visit

Submitted by city of Menifee.