Menifee city manager highlights the continuing value of Measure DD, the city’s 1% sales tax


The Nov. 3 General Election ballot in Menifee will list a measure to repeal the city’s current 1% general sales tax that has been in effect since it received voter approval in 2016.

Armando Villa, city manager of gave his views on how important Measure DD is to keeping the city running and up-to-date.

“Menifee is a growing city, which is why we have comprehensive infrastructure and organizational plans to mitigate the impacts of growth to ultimately provide the most cost-effective level of service to our residents,” he said. “Part of those plans include allocating the additional revenue that is collected by Measure DD, the 1% sales tax approved by voters in 2016.”

Proponents for the repeal measure have brought the measure before the voters before saying the residents of the city do not need more taxes to maintain the city’s operations. The residents will have the choice to either retain Measure DD or repeal it.

The Measure DD Oversight Committee appointed by the council has insured regular reports on Measure DD funds, most of which has been used to support Menifee’s first police department, other public safety and city infrastructure needs.

“Revenue from Measure DD’s 1% sales tax makes up 17% of the city’s general fund, and 100% of those Measure DD dollars are spent on public safety and infrastructure improvements,” Villa said. “Yearly, appropriations for 100% of the funds received are reviewed and approved by both the Measure DD Oversight Committee and the city council.

“The loss of this funding would, therefore, have an impact on public safety with the possible closure of the Menifee Police Department’s Sun City substation and one of the city’s four fire stations,” Villa said. “These closures would lead to lower levels of service and increased response times. The loss of Measure DD’s 1% sales tax funding would also impact infrastructure and could cause three- to five-year construction delays on the Holland Road Overpass project, five- to 10-year delays on the Bradley Road Bridge project and reductions in our pavement management plan.”

Other cities surrounding Menifee have their own 1% sales tax measures that are currently a major source of revenue for their public safety and infrastructure needs. While the state collects portions of property, gas and education taxes from the counties and cities across the state, all the money collected from local 1% sales taxes, approved by the majority of local voters, stays directly in the cities where it is collected, with none being taken by state or the federal government.

“Menifee is expected to grow to approximately 110,000 residents in the next five years and the Measure DD 1% sales tax helps us pay for increasing public safety and infrastructure needs,” Villa said. “However, it is important to note that with or without Measure DD, the city has plans in place to provide appropriate levels of service consistent with our reduced funding availability.”

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