Menifee offers ‘tips’ for Menifee pet owners during excessive heat


MENIFEE — With excessive heat warnings for many parts of the region, Menifee pet owners need to take precautions. Animal Control Chief Mo Middleton, from Menifee Animal Service provider Animal Friends of the Valley, said “the best thing to do during excessive heat is to keep all animals inside in cool places. But if the animals can’t be brought inside, they must be given shade and plenty of water.”
Misting fans, sprayers and just a hose can help keep cattle, horses, and pets cool. In excessive heat conditions, as forecast in our area, Chief Middleton advises “that horses can lose more than 7 gallons of fluid as sweat.”
“It is important to note that if the sum of humidity and temperature exceeds 130 degrees, horses and other animals can be at risk for heatstroke,” Middleton said. “This risky combination of heat and humidity often occurs earlier in the day than most expect because of high humidity in the morning.”
Additionally, residents are reminded that pets should not be kept in a car for any length of time without the air conditioner on. The best thing for pet owners is to leave your pets at home, and that they should only go outside when the temperature has reduced or cooled down. Residents are reminded to please consider not walking your pets once the day heats up, and walk them only early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures drop and try to avoid pavement that can burn a pet’s pads.
“Dogs that suffer from heatstroke will become restless and either pant or drool excessively,” said Chief Middleton. “They may not respond to their name and appear unsteady on their feet. They should be moved to a cool area immediately, and pets with a high temperature should be cooled by wetting their ears, abdomen and feet, and seek veterinary care immediately.”
For more information on ways you can protect your animal in times of excessive heat or weather, please visit, or please call Animal Friends of the Valley at (951) 674-0618 or visit their website at

Submitted by the city of Menifee