Misinformation is ‘toxic’

Diane Sieker photo

I must admit, even after almost four years of unrecognizable politics, I was shocked to read the Anza opinion piece, “Free speech denied medical profession,” Aug. 28, by Harold W. Pease wherein the case is made that the “liberal” media has censored “the voice of the medical profession.”

What could he possibly be talking about? Well, none other than “America’s Frontline Doctors” who dressed in white and gathered recently in front of the Supreme Court to proclaim to the world that “doctors already have the prophylactic drugs to prevent (COVID-19) infection and to cure the infected.”

That’s right. The now infamous cranks pushing “hydroxychloroquine” which scientific studies have overwhelmingly proved to be ineffective and dangerous are still being promoted as legitimate in the pages of your newspaper. Without reference to “demon sperm” or other clearly insane nonsense, the idea that these charlatans represent the “medical profession” is more than insulting. It’s dangerous.

Why is this toxic misinformation being dumped on our communities? Are residents here so poorly educated and powerless that you think no one will notice? Does your view of free speech mean you will publish any old garbage no matter how dangerous to the public health?

It’s bad enough that during this pandemic, which has taken roughly 200,000 American lives so far, some grossly misinformed residents believe wearing masks to be an infringement of their rights – to infect others – without more proven claptrap being dumped on us. No wonder the U.S. leads the world in infections and deaths – we are all hostages to the weakest links.

Ironically, the author suggested that it’s Democrats who have politicized death. Surely, it’s clear by now that COVID-19 has no better champion than those peddling these fake narratives and remedies.

Fabian Biancardi