Murrieta artist releases new album

Regina Pimentel
Regina Pimentel poses for a photo while filming the music video, “The Way You Look at Me.” Valley News/Courtesy photos

Regina Pimentel, 19, recently released a new album on love.

“I started singing when I was really little,” Pimentel said. “I took music a lot more seriously around middle school, and I started writing songs when I was 13.”

Pimentel first had to learn a few instruments to really understand song writing. She plays piano, guitar and ukulele.

“I only really write about love, and I write about it a lot,” she said. “Sometimes I write about things that I feel, like when I’m sad or just emotions that are hard to deal with, so sometimes a lot of my music can be pretty sad, but I feel it can help other people relate.”

One of the songs on her EP, “For You,” sings of the hardships of being away from someone you love.

“Oh, I know it’s not easy, but it’s easy loving you,” she sang as the guitar picks playfully in the background.

The EP has soulful, sweet tunes tied to relaxing melodies, while her album, “Blue Eyed Boy” has several upbeat songs with some of those similar relaxing melodies mixed throughout. She’s also released several singles.

Her music can be found on Spotify. She’s also on YouTube under “Gina Pimentel,” and has done several covers from “Lovesick Boys” by Conan Gray to “Copycat” by Billie Eilish.

Her boyfriend, Harry Joseph Coghlan-Murray is originally from Stafford, England. One of his favorite songs on the album is “See Through Me,” in which she sings, “I don’t care what you say, I love you anyway.”

He hadn’t known much about her music until she showed it to him.

“I thought it was brilliant,” he said. “It was weird to hear somebody I know singing so well, it was really good, and immediately I was invested in her music.”

He was somewhat nervous about doing the music video at first.

“It turned out really nice, and it was a really good experience to do that with her,” he said.

He also really likes a song she wrote called “Silly Sally.”

“I hope that she never stops,” he said on her creating music. “She’s worried right now because she’s going into nursing and she’s going to be spending a lot more time at school rather than leisure time, but I think no matter what she should always dedicate some time to her music because she’s just so good.”

Pimentel’s father, Florante Pimentel, is also proud of her music.

“During our visit in Hawaii back in 2014, she and her sister Rochelle had asked me to buy a ukulele that they saw at a market,” Florante Pimentel said. “After doing so, they first started practicing how to play through YouTube tutorials, and the next thing I knew, Regina started recording music covers and posting them online, building up a big following, including myself.”

Regina Pimentel’s music inspirations come from several different genres.

“When I was little, I used to just sing songs that my parents would play, like Celine Dion and all that stuff, but when I started getting a little bit older and I was getting into music more my inspirations were The Beatles and One Direction. Those were the ones that started it,” she said.

While she plays music, she’s also attending Mt. San Jacinto College as a nursing major. She has two siblings, one who likes to sing as well.

For her, music is freeing.

“It felt like I had a place to put my emotions out and I used to have a hard time with things that I felt on the inside, so it was something that I could go to for help with that,” she said.

Her father was equally proud of her album.

“I love listening to her songs, because I know she has put in a lot of thought and hard work into making it all come to life,” Florante Pimentel said. “The album really showed her most creative and ambitious side, and I was genuinely impressed by what she has created and all the love she put into it.”

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