Murrieta City Council awards construction contracts for Town Square Park restrooms and roadway improvement


The Murrieta City Council approved two construction project contracts following a special teleconference meeting called Tuesday, April 7, at 2 p.m. with all five council members, the city clerk, city manager, staff and city attorney participating. The regular April 7 public meeting was canceled.

The teleconference meeting complied with the state health department order to “stay at home” to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting was called by phone with all five city council members checking in. Following the governing body announcements with no email or phone comments.

Following the discussion the council, with all present on the teleconference, approved a $2,646,646.25 contract with GMC Engineering for roadway improvements on Clinton Keith Road, the new Warm Springs Parkway. The contract calls for 730 linear feet of roadway improvements on Warm Springs Parkway and approximately 1,400 linear feet of roadway improvements on Clinton Keith Road.

The project includes constructing new Warm Springs Parkway as a 76-foot wide curb-to-curb, four-lane major roadway. Adding a right turn pocket at the intersection of Clinton Keith Road and installation of new medians. The project features include sidewalk, landscaped medians, drainage improvements, signage and striping, street lighting, dry utilities and water and sewer utilities. A traffic signal will also be installed at the intersection of Warm Springs Parkway and Clinton Keith Road. There were five bids sent in for the project with GMC being the lowest bid. The other bidders were: Mamco Inc., dba Alabbasi; Hillcrest Contracting Inc.; All American Asphalt and the Griffith Company.

The council voted 5-0 to let the contract.

Next, the council discussed purchasing prefabricated restroom structures for Town Square Park. Proper restrooms at the park were absent and of particular concern now with the COVID-19 crisis.

The city council, recognizing the lack of proper restroom facilities in the park, were needed because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. It was noted in the proposed contract resolution to purchase the restroom facilities, “the current absence of restrooms at Town Square Park causes an imminent healthy, safety and welfare concern for the public due to the inability for park patrons and the general public to use appropriate restroom facilities and wash their hands, with thorough hand-washing being of utmost importance during the emergency.”

As a result of the council in a unanimous vote awarded a contract, not to exceed $1,731,975, to Public Restroom Company to install prefabricated restroom buildings in the park. The contract also includes the installation or a utility room and dressing room for the amphitheater.

The staff reports noted the city, in the past, had favorable contracts with PRC to install other prefabricated restrooms in other city parks.

Funding for the new restroom project was taken from other funding sources applicable to the city ongoing parks and recreation plans.

The city in past actions awarded Act 1 Construction to build an amphitheater covering, installation of a public address system, security cameras, Wi-Fi system previously and other projects.

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