Murrieta city council discusses Murrieta tourism business improvement district


Samantha Cox, Intern

The Murrieta City Council held a public meeting Tuesday, Aug. 4, to discuss the renewal of the Murrieta Tourism Business Improvement District. Five years ago, the city of Murrieta approved the Murrieta Tourism Business Improvement District and is now seeking a 10-year renewal. Patrick Ellis, president of the chamber of commerce, was in attendance to answer questions from both the city council members and the public.

The Murrieta Tourism Business Improvement District supports marketing campaigns for local hotels, wineries, restaurants and other entertainment services within Murrieta. The five hotels located in the city have supported this district in the past and are continuing to give their full support.

“Equidistant from Los Angeles to the north and San Diego to the south, Murrieta and its small-town vibe is positioned as an ideal destination for day trips, staycations and nearcations for Los Angeles and San Diego county residents,” Cynthia Zanone said in an article titled “Murrieta pairs well with adventure in new promo.”

The goal of the Murrieta Tourism Business Improvement District is to promote tourism in Murrieta by allocating funds for marketing of hotels and entertainment venues.

The city collects annual assessments to distribute funds to Murrieta with an estimated budget of $186,000, according to Patrick Ellis.

“The marketing costs are direct costs we pay to the marketing company and that is allocated for the marketing costs, small management agreement between chamber and Explore Murrieta to offset small expenses,” Ellis said.

Every November, the chamber of commerce will provide a presentation to the city council as part of the renewal agreement. While a decision has not yet been made on whether or not Murrieta will renew the Murrieta Tourism Business Improvement District, the city council will meet in September for final consideration of the agreement.

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