Murrieta City Council partners city with MYSL for new soccer complex


The Murrieta City Council in its Tuesday, June 4, meeting, entered into a public private partnership with Murrieta Youth Soccer League to help build a new soccer complex known as the Los Alamos Hill Sports Park, Phase II.

The memorandum of understanding between the city and the MYSL will help move the planned construction of the new soccer complex that will include seven to 10 soccer fields, a new stadium for a professional soccer franchise, training facilities, restrooms, parking and other related facilities and infrastructure once the environmental studies are conducted to determine the footprint of the actual construction.

By amending the memorandum of understanding, the city is committed to waive all fees applicable to the submission of the private development project at an estimated $23,500. Additionally, the city will initiate an economic viability study with costs estimated at $12,000. Future cost will be determined after the initial studies are done. The costs of approximately $26 million for the project through a use agreement could be realized if the project is finally approved.

Those costs, according to city officials, the MYSL consultants and the local chamber of commerce, would be recovered by large numbers of professional teams coming to the city for training and other activities. The local hotels and businesses would anticipate added revenues by the soccer teams, their special events and fans.

The planned project is on city property and its planned MYSL facilities would eventually revert to the city after 30 years.

The city will initiate the economic viability study, with costs borne by the city, in order to expedite and fast-track the process. The city will waive all applicable fees that are solely within its jurisdiction and provide assistance on the entitlement process.

The council voted to amend the memorandum of understanding with MYSL in a 4-0 vote with Councilman Randon Lane on excused absence.

In other business the council by consent approved the purchase of two new police vehicles and the purchase and upfitting of two Type 6 fire engines requested by the fire and police departments and budgeted in the fiscal year 2018-2019 general fund and Measure T Tax revenue.

Purchased at price of $63,207.88 from the local Gosch Ford and Gosch Toyota dealerships will be two unmarked detective vehicles with emergency equipment costing an additional $14,646.30. The bids for the vehicles were sent out to the local dealerships as requested by the council and to the National Auto Fleet Group, of which the city is a member. The local bids came out under those of the fleet company. Lake Elsinore Ford was invited but did not submit a bid, according to the staff report.

The council with a resolution from the board of directors of the Murrieta Fire District approved the funding and upfitting of the two Type 6 fire engines from Boise Mobile Equipment, Johnson Equipment Co. and Motorola for a cost of approximately $483,269 and approximately $63,703 for their upfitting. The funding for the engines and their equipment was transferred from Measure T sales tax funds to the fire district for the purchases that were budgeted in fiscal year 2018-2019.

The new engines will be deployed to accommodate medic patrol response on calls throughout the city that will be operational in the first quarter of 2020.

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