Murrieta discusses city improvement projects

An image presented by staff shows the plans for Warm Springs Parkway, which runs across the center of the photo from north to south. Valley News/Courtesy photo

The Murrieta City Council discussed the various projects that are completed, in the works or not started yet, at their regular meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Some items the council discussed were first mentioned in the staff presentation on the 2020-2021 proposed capital improvement budget and the five-year capital improvement plan covering fiscal years 2020-21 to 2024-25. The Capital Improvement Plan helps identify the timing, financing and objectivity of city projects.

Five new CIP projects are being considered which total $1,122,000 of the $4.5 million in fiscal year 2020-2021. Approximately $1.8 million is currently unfunded and to be determined. The five projects include Citywide Traffic Signal Adaptive Timing Program, City Hall HVAC Controls, Pedestrian Safety Enhancement 2020-2021, Alta Murrieta Sinkhole 2020 and the Citywide Open Channel Annual Maintenance Program.

Some major existing and ongoing projects include Keller Road at I-215 Interchange, Warm Springs Parkway, Traffic Signal Optimizations, Citywide Signal Modification, Pavement Resurfacing-Slurry Seal, Priority Traffic Signal, and Pavement Resurfacing-Asphalt Overlay and more.

The changes to existing projects include approximately $3.4 million.

The complete list for completed projects during fiscal year 2019-2020 include the total cost of $4,566,070.

The projects include pavement resurfacing-Cal Oaks rehabilitation, electric vehicle charging stations, several pedestrian safety enhancement projects, the Senior Center outdoor recreation area and the Mira Mosa streetscape turf reduction project.

Some of the major closed projects for fiscal year 2019-2020 include Ivy Street Bridge over Murrieta Creek, Murrieta Hot Springs Road median Alta Murrieta to Margarita Road, Madison Avenue and Jefferson Avenue intersection, Pond Park improvements, Alta Murrieta storm drain repair, Community Center roof and other projects.

The completed project list totals $2,500,043. Some of the projects include closeouts, re-appropriations and those deferred due to COVID-19.

In a staff summary, the total additional funding for fiscal year 2020-2021 is approximately $4.5 million, which is made up of $1.1 million in new projects and $3.4 million in modifications and an estimated carry-over budget of approximately $60 million from the previous year.

The total budget for capital improvement is approximately $64.4 million.

California Oaks Rehabilitation Project

The California Oaks Rehabilitation project was the city’s first project that utilized hold-in-place recycling technology. They ground up 3 inches of the existing asphalt, reinvigorated asphalt back into that material, laid it back on the ground and placed 2 inches of hot-mix asphalt over the top, according to staff.

The 2-mile project covered Cal Oaks Road from I-215 to Clinton Keith Road. The project started in October 2019 and was completed in February 2020.

The construction cost about $1.9 million and used Senate Bill 1 funding.

Citywide Slurry Seal

About 50% of the residential streets in Murrieta were completed with Type 1 slurry. It was a significant project, and the project was delayed for several years due to reorganizing staffing resources. Staff said that every residential street will be completed on a series of, at least, once every eight years.

This project started in November 2019 and was completed in July 2020.

The final cost of the project is about $2.3 million and was funded with Measure A funds.

Alta Murrieta Sinkhole 2020

In 2019, a similar sinkhole situation occurred. The failure, staff said, was from a 72-inch corrugated metal pipe storm drain that failed during a significant rainstorm in February 2019.

The storm drain pipe was repaired, and just downstream of that repair, it failed again.

This recent repair fixed all the corrugated metal pipe that is within the public right of way. The city said they do not believe there will be any more failures associated with this storm drain.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

The city’s electric vehicle charging stations were installed in fall 2019. A variety of funding sources were used, including several significant grants, according to city staff. It cost about $800,000. They are placed in front of the city hall parking lot and the senior center parking lot.

Warm Springs Parkway – South

This project for Warm Springs Parkway is currently under construction. Staff anticipated the road improvements being completed by the end of September, with project completion by mid-October. This project is about $3 million to complete.

I-215/Clinton Keith Road Landscaping

The I-215/Clinton Keith landscaping project started in April 2019 and was completed in July. The total project cost was about $2.1 million and was funded with RDA funds.

B Street Station Park

This project was completed earlier in 2020. The B Street Station Park is located adjacent to the senior center with game tables, exercise equipment and two pickleball courts, which are new to the city, staff said. The project cost about $1 million.

Town Square Park

Town Square Park is a major project currently under construction, which started in December 2019. It is expected to be completed in November 2020. The cost is estimated at about $6.5 million.

The finished project will include the main structure, a storage building, a restroom building and a dressing room building.

Turn Pocket Projects

Projects moving forward into next year include the Murrieta Hot Springs Road turn pocket at Alta Murrieta, as well as the median projects at the intersection of Murrieta Hot Springs Road and Madison Avenue.

There will be a turn pocket added to Murrieta Hot Springs going into Sam’s Club; that project was delayed due to the need to relocate a pressure-reducing valve. Staff anticipated starting construction late 2020 or early 2021.

Murrieta Hot Springs Road Widening – Margarita to 79 South

The utility relocation design on the Murrieta Hot Springs Road Widening Project is completed, and the city has been in right of way acquisition design developing all of the right of way needs that they have for it, and they’re reaching out to property owners to advance the right of way acquisition.

They are anticipating starting construction of the project in the spring 2021, with the estimated cost at $6.5 million.

Clinton Keith Road Culvert Rehab

The city is currently bidding the Clinton Keith Road Culvert Rehab project and anticipate constructing the replacement of several corrugated metal pipe culverts on Clinton Keith Road near the Bear Creek community in November. They are the last remaining corrugated metal pipes that they’ve been able to locate in the city given the failures that they’ve had, according to staff.

The cost will be about $700,000, which includes four 48-inch corrugated metal pipes, a 36-inch corrugated metal pipe and a 30-inch corrugated metal pipe crossing Clinton Keith Road.

Various Asphalt Overlay Projects

The city is looking at installing asphalt overlay on Murrieta Hot Springs Road from Madison Avenue to Alta Murrieta. This project is being pushed to 2021, largely due to a project that Eastern Municipal Water District wants to do, staff said.

Another asphalt overlay project that is currently in the process of bidding is Nutmeg Avenue from Jefferson to Jackson Avenue, as well as Hancock Road from California Oaks Road to Las Brisas South.

The city said it is stopping at Las Brisas South, though staff said they should extend to Murrieta Hot Springs Road. There is another Eastern Municipal Water District project that’s currently under construction in Hancock Avenue south of Las Brisas, so they decided to delay the southern portion of the Hancock overlay project for a later date.

The Hancock and Nutmeg projects are about $1.6 million project to be funded with SB 1 and Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account funding, and they anticipate having both of them overlaid in November and December.

In-Pavement LED Lighted Crosswalks

The grant project will install in-pavement LED lighted crosswalks; it’s a new technology that the city hasn’t used before, according to staff. They anticipate placing these at four different elementary schools around town in 2021.

Warm Springs Parkway – North

The extension of the current Warm Springs Parkway project will provide frontage for a Costco development, if the Costco development comes through, staff said. It is underway.

The design commenced in June for this portion of Warm Springs Parkway, and the construction is expected to start in spring 2021 with an estimated construction cost of $2.5 million.

Madison Avenue – Guava Street to Elm Street

The Madison Avenue project was delayed due to the general plan update that was recently adopted. That update reduced Madison Avenue from a secondary road to a major road, so they put the design on hold until that was completed, staff said.

If the project goes through as expected, they’d be looking at a 2022 construction date.

Keller Road at I-215 Interchange

The Keller Road project is currently in environmental and final design and engineering, which is expected to be completed in fall 2021. The right of way acquisition would be done later that year with construction starting in 2022.

The project is currently not fully funded, and the city is looking for grants. The current funds committed to the project amount to about $14 to $15 million.

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