Murrieta memory care community hosts pro skateboarder for a skating demonstration

The Skate Kids use a customized trailer to transport all of their gear to Vineyard Place in Murrieta for a demonstration, Monday, Oct. 12. Valley News/Emily Schwank photo

Emily Schwank


Vineyard Place, an Anthem Memory Care community in Murrieta, hosted professional skateboarder Kurtis Colamonico and three of his Skate Kids students in a demonstration for older adults Monday, Oct. 12.

Skate Kids, an organization that teaches skateboarding to youth while promoting a positive environment, was created following Colamonico’s competitive career.

“We are so happy to be here,” Colamonico, who is also a skate coach, said. “Our main goal is just to teach kids to never give up, follow their dreams and to set small goals in order to get to those dreams. I’m a professional skateboarder myself. I’ve traveled the world skateboarding, and my goal is just to give it back to as many kids as possible in order for them to have as much fun as they can for the rest of their lives.”

Skate Kids Ryder Deluca, Kurtis Ludwic and Cameron Spitcer performed skateboarding tricks and jumps for the residents with Colamonico.

“(The residents) love kids. Kids keep their attention and anything intergenerational is phenomenal,” Jodi Cornman, senior community relations director for Vineyard Place, said. “So I got in touch with the owner (of Skate Kids) who is a professional skateboarder and he put together a group of kids to come and do a demonstration,”

The staff provided a space for the resident’s families to watch as well.

“We are also doing a family tent so they can watch, because I know they are really missing out on a lot of the stuff that their loved ones are seeing and doing so this way at least they can be there and be a part of it and we can still stay in our guidelines,” Cornman said.

Vineyard Place has hosted many other events for their residents over the past few months.

“We have hula dancers. We have kids performing. They love anything that the police, firemen are involved in, so we’ve had them bring their trucks. I have a book a mile long of all the stuff we’ve done,” Cornman said. “The other thing we do is try to educate our families so anything that we can bring, speakers, there’s some films out that are educational.”

Anthem’s mission statement is to protect, engage and love people living with memory loss and is committed to provide understanding and significance to people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Vineyard Place plans to show “The Turning Point,” a documentary on finding the cure for Alzheimer’s disease, hosted over Zoom.

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