Murrieta Valley’s Virtual Enterprise teams shine at state business competition

ReVision business plan team
The ReVision business plan team from Murrieta Valley High School’s Virtual Enterprise program pose for a photo after finishing in second place out of nearly 100 teams from around California at the state competition in Bakersfield. Valley News/MVHS Virtual Enterprise photo

Murrieta Valley High School’s two Virtual Enterprise teams – ReVision and Eturnyl – returned this week from a state competition, and one of those teams solidified its spot in the national competition in New York City this spring.

The Virtual Enterprise program consists of students creating a simulated business that operates in a competitive environment with the goals of educating students with key knowledge needed with developing a business and getting close to the real-world feel of how a real business operates.

At the beginning of the year, students from the classes decide collectively which two business ideas will be executed.

This year, ReVision, a company that sells blue light blocking glasses, and Eturnyl, a company that finds undiscovered singers and artists and makes mixed tape vinyl record albums according to music genres, were chosen at Murrieta Valley.

It is the ninth year in a row that a Murrieta Valley team will represent in New York in the National Business Plan Competition. At the state competition in Bakersfield, ReVision took second place and will go to New York, while Eturnyl finished in seventh place and is the first alternate team to make the trip.

ReVision’s second-place business plan team consisted of Samantha Miles, Madison Tomison, Hans Chen, Francois Atallah, Rellie Margolin, Esmer Salcedo and Natalie Scudder.

Eturnyl’s seventh-place team included Jack Haseltine, Collin Dang, Kyle Lee, Taylor Larson, Laima Tukhi and Mayank Muttreja.

Also, for the first time ever in the school’s history, Murrieta Valley’s marketing plan teams took first with ReVision’s Isabella Dadseresht, Alexis Stez and Nahir Santiago and second place with Eturnyl’s Kyle Reid and Jaden Krause at the state competition.

“Both of our marketing plan teams were outstanding,” Joel Levin, Murrieta Valley High School Virtual Enterprise teacher and coordinator, said. “I knew that they would both place high, but to finish first and second was more than I could ask for. They all worked extremely hard to accomplish their goals, and their hard work paid off.”

Other awards included a third-place for human resources for ReVision with Kayli Jones, Haley Thomas, Drake Deards and sixth place for Eturnyl with Melany Ingram, Connor McCreary. ReVision with Sailor Boden and Kyle Eastman won first place for sales pitch and Eturnyl with Madyson Tostado, Kayla Bowler and Angela Oliverio won the bronze award. ReVision’s Jonas Wentzel won gold for company branding and Eturnyl’s Michael Wallis won the bronze.

ReVision’s Sam Bradley won the silver for elevator pitch; Eturnyl’s Kenny Gilman was a top 10 finisher for job interview. ReVision’s Drake Deards won silver for company newsletter. ReVision’s Jada Rivera won first place and Eturnyl’s Kameron Ward both won first place in the Intuit Innovation Challenge; and Eturnyl took home the silver award and ReVision won the bronze for video commercial.

“I am so proud of both teams,” Levin said. “They have worked so incredibly hard to prepare for this competition.”

Levin said he was equally proud of both teams, regardless of where they finished at the end of the competition because he knows the competition is subjective on many levels.

“Both the ReVision team and Eturnyl team were laser-focused on the goal of standing out in the competition,” Levin said. “I don’t think that there is anything that distinguished the teams from each other, as they both put everything they had into it and both gave stellar presentations.

“It is always difficult to know how the judges will respond to the business that they have created, and this is where any differences may lie, but it is not easy for us to determine the exact things that set one team apart from the other,” Levin said.

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