Murrieta waives concealed carry permit application fees for city residents

The Murrieta Police Department's station in Murrieta Town Square. Valley News/Will Fritz file photo

The Murrieta Police Department will waive application fees for city residents trying to obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon, the department announced Wednesday.

Ordinarily, residents would have to pay $298 to apply for a carry concealed weapon permit, or CCW permit.

However, the city will now cover that cost for residents using funds from Measure T, its one-cent sales tax increase initiative that passed in 2016.

The application fee waiver does not apply to residents of other nearby towns or unincorporated areas of Murrieta.

Local law enforcement agencies issue CCW permits, but they are valid statewide.

Murrieta police Lt. Mark Reid said waiving CCW application fees for city residents is something that Murrieta Police Chief Sean Hadden wanted to prioritize to help local citizens out.

“This is all tied back to Measure T and wanting to give back to the community,” Reid said.

The fees typically cover the cost of conducting a background check, so the city is eating that cost, according to Reid. Some law enforcement agencies conduct background checks themselves, but Murrieta outsources them to an outside vendor.

CCW applicants will still be responsible for other costs associated with their permits, including a psychological examination and a weapons safety course. Total additional costs amount to about $500, Reid said.

Once those are complete, Reid said he reviews the final applications himself. And there’s no guarantee that applicants will receive a CCW permit even if they complete all of the needed steps.

“The first requirement is the good call statement, which lays out your reasoning for wanting to carry,” Reid said.

That means applicants must show there is some sort of danger they face that makes it necessary for them to carry a weapon, he said.

“It’s not because it’s your second amendment right, and that’s confusing for some people,” Reid said.

Murrieta residents can find more information on how to apply for a CCW permit at

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