MWD grants easement to San Jacinto


The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California granted an easement to San Jacinto.

The Aug. 15 MWD board vote also certified that MWD reviewed and considered the information in the city’s environmental mitigated negative declaration and mitigation monitoring and reporting program when MWD made its decision. The city adopted the MND and the MMRP, March 17, when the city council approved Phase I of the Esplanade Avenue widening project.

The city will be widening Esplanade Avenue from two lanes to four. The widening will require easement rights for 0.11 acres, or 4,819 square feet, between Warren Road and Alabaster Drive so that the road can cross over a portion of the San Diego Canal Double Box Siphons and Eastside Pipeline. The easement area begins at the northeast intersection of Esplanade Avenue and Warren Road and runs in an easterly direction for approximately 215 feet.

MWD staff determined that the easement would not interfere with MWD’s water operations. Under the easement agreement, San Jacinto will be responsible for maintenance and repairs associated with the public road and easement area, so MWD will not have that expense. MWD will also receive $1,100 for the easement, which is the fair market value, and San Jacinto will also pay a one-time processing fee of $8,500.

The conditions of the easement included that all design and construction plans for the proposed road widening improvements to be constructed on the easement are subject to MWD’s previous review and written approval. MWD retains the district’s previous rights provisions for the siphons and pipeline.

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