NCAA suspends all Division 1 on and off-campus recruiting activity through Jan. 1, 2021

Mark Emmert, president of NCAA, speaks at a news conference about recent changes in the recruiting process. Valley News/AP file photo

The NCAA lifted their Division 1 suspension of in-person recruiting earlier in September, but after careful consideration, they have once again suspended all activity, including all face-to-face contacts on and off college campuses through Jan. 1, 2021. They have also recommended college coaches cancel any scheduled official and unofficial visits.

The NCAA has also loosened their eligibility standards. Student-athletes enrolling in a D1 or D2 program full time during the 2021-2022 academic year will not be required to take the ACT or SAT.

With little debate, Division II institutions approved legislation that will ease recruiting restrictions on multiple fronts. To make better use of new technology and to put athletes on a more level playing field with nonathletic recruits, colleges supported a number of changes.

D-II coaches can now visit with players as many times as they want beginning June 15, following the prospect’s sophomore year in school.

D-II coaches can now send unlimited correspondence and make unlimited phone calls beginning June 15, following the prospect’s sophomore year in school.

D-II coaches can now send unlimited instant messages and text messages beginning June 15, following the prospect’s sophomore year in school.

As long as the correspondence is private, a Division II coach can send a recruit a direct message on Facebook, but they cannot write on the recruit’s “wall.”

Coaches in Division III can now use unlimited text messaging to communicate with recruits, which will ease communication with students who increasingly prefer texting to email or phone calls.

While recent developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic impact more than just sports and recruiting, the Valley News sports department will remain dedicated to helping student-athletes and their families navigate the changing landscape of recruiting during this time.

One thing 2021 recruits can do to stay on top of their recruiting is make phone calls to recruiting coordinators. Be sure to create a plan and prepare questions before picking up the phone to ensure the conversation is productive for both parties. Email is also a great way to start the recruiting conversation and continue a dialogue between coaches and recruits. Finally, since college coaches are unable to recruit in person, with no sports in effect at the time, make sure that highlight video is up to par with the most recent clips available. Ask current coaches to help in the process as well.

The Valley News will continue to provide routine updates surrounding college recruiting, youth sports and breaking news as it develops.

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