New 5-acre industrial complex project approved by Lake Elsinore City Council


The Lake Elsinore City Council, with one member absent, approved the application and plans for a new 5-acre industrial park and three cannabis facilities during their regular Tuesday, April 28, council meeting.

The meeting was held in the closed council chambers following the guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic order made by the county health department to keep social distance and avoid meetings with over 10 people present. Voice communications were open to the public on a designated phone line or online chat.

With Councilmember Steve Manos absent from the closed meeting the council heard the presentation of a new industrial park located at the southeasterly corner of Chaney Street and Minthorn Street in the city.

Developer Ron Oshita filed the application for the new center called Pennington Industrial which will be divided into three parcels with three buildings to be used by industrial businesses. The three buildings will cover 91,140 square feet. Building 1 will have 32,940-square-foot gross floor area; Building 2 will have 39,000-square-foot gross floor area and Building 3 will have 19,200-square-foot gross floor area.

Each building will consist of a planned open warehouse with truck access doors and a planned office area with mezzanine level. Hardscape, landscape, on-site stormwater management improvements, trash enclosure and area lighting would be constructed as part of the project.

Oshita joined the meeting by telephone noting the industrial complex was named after the Pennington family who once lived in the area with one of their relatives related to former President Herbert Hoover. He said the industrial complex is needed in the area and directed the council’s attention to the Fairway Industrial complex across the street from the proposed complex that has no vacancies and its tenants are highly successful. Oshita said his complex should be as successful when complete.

The council voted 4-0 to approve the mitigated negative declaration that is consistent with the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan, the tentative parcel map and design reviews and their construction.

In other action, the council approved three new cannabis facilities presented by Grant Taylor, director of Lake Elsinore Community Development, in the closed council chambers.

The council approved by a 4-0 unanimous vote the conditional use permit to establish a 4,882-square-foot cannabis facility at 18532 Pasadena Street in the city. Seeking the conditional use permit and council approval for the development was Tree Haus LLC who will also operate the facility.

Taylor said the Tree Haus, as with the other cannabis facilities in the city agreed not to allow any aromas, have only limited visibility and no noise involving the product and its production. The second cannabis facility development by Kind Delivery Co. at 571 Crane Ave. was also approved by unanimous vote of the council. It is a 3,754-square-foot building that will manufacture and sell approved medical cannabis.

The third facility seeking development approval was sought by Gilbert Alba at 31879 Corydon Street. It will be a 2,352-square-foot cannabis cultivation facility, unlike the other two. The conditional use permit sought by Alba of Alba Systems did not receive unanimous approval with Mayor Pro Tem Robert Magee casting the only “no” vote. Magee brought up a previous problem with the applicant not submitting the necessary request first and following the guidelines required. Alba said he corrected the application and submitted it properly gaining this time gaining the planning commission approval.

The approved development, like the other cannabis facilities, would be prohibited from allowing any odors or noises coming from the plants and can have no open windows or other openings in view of the public. All the city’s cannabis facilities are subject to search at any time by code or law enforcement to be sure they are doing what they should. The facilities are also required to follow state and county regulations in cannabis cultivation, manufacture. testing and sales.

The approvals followed the council’s second reading and approval of a section of an ordinance approving modifications to the city’s development code and licensing involving a cannabis facility. The amendment increases the total area of the cannabis facility in an existing building at 31885 Corydon Units 130, 140 and 150 from 1,550 square feet to 5,000 square feet in area.

The city council also approved the use of electronic or digital signatures on most legal documents. They also approved an agreement with the California Department of Forestry for wildland fire protection for fiscal year 2020-2021.

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