New Menifee public information officer speaks with Valley News

New city of Menifee public information officer Dominique Samario. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

Dominique Samario, Menifee’s first dedicated public information officer, spoke with Valley News, looking at her reasons for taking the helm of the growing city’s public relations and information efforts Monday, Aug. 31.

She said she moved from Santa Barbara to Menifee to be closer to her family who reside in the community and for Menifee’s growing popularity in California.

“It is truly an honor to serve as the city of Menifee’s first dedicated public information officer,” Samario said. “Menifee is a vibrant and growing community, and it will be meaningful to be a part of the city’s story. I have already seen that this organization’s goal is to improve the quality of life and protect its residents, which is really meaningful. We are investing in infrastructure and public safety and it is very evident as a new employee.”

She gave her ideas on what her new job will entail.

“As our public information officer, I have many roles including overseeing our social media accounts, creating press releases and community notices so we can share all the work taking place in Menifee with the community. I want to increase our role in neighborhood groups, how often we share our news with local media, and also work on policies like our social media policy and a strategic communications plan so we can be as effective as possible,” Samario said. “It is my job to make sure we are a transparent organization and I am working with the city team to increase and enhance our transparency. I also want to enhance regional partnerships with neighborhood cities and communities. This entire region affects how people live on a day-to-day basis.”

She said in coming aboard one of her main goals will be continuing the city’s “brand” as a family friendly, safe and respected community.

“I will continue to expand our city’s ‘brand’ and make sure that everything we share with the community is unified, clear, and lets people know it’s from the city,” Samario said. “We want people to see a Menifee sign or logo or even giveaway item and be proud that it says Menifee on it. I strongly believe that when people feel a sense of community and pride in something, they are more likely to get involved and want to see it succeed. A city is no different.”

Citing her background in both communication and public administration, she said, “I believe strongly in the role that local government plays in people’s lives. Where people reside and the policies and programs in place in their cities and counties make a big difference on how people live and how they feel about their quality of life. We as public servants have a great responsibility to represent those we serve and involve them in the decision-making process.”

Samario said, “This will be my greatest goal: to not only inform residents, businesses and visitors about all that is going on in Menifee but also involve them. I want them to know where to turn when they have a question, an idea or an issue.”

Does she love her new job?

“I have been here three weeks now and already absolutely love my job. I am excited to work for the city of Menifee. No one should hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or ideas. I’d love to hear from the community,” she said.

Samario may be reached at and 951-723-3777

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