Norman Francis Trenary

Norman Francis Trenary. Courtesy photo

Norman Francis Trenary, age 102, died of natural causes Aug. 17, 2019, in Sun City. He was born in Wichita, Kansas, but spent most of his younger years in Arkansas City, Kansas.

His father Vernon Trenary died when Norman was five months old. His mother was Ethel (Mansfield) Trenary, an accomplished seamstress.

Norman married Ann Evenick in 1946 at The Mission Inn in Riverside. Their only child, Patrick Lee Trenary, was born in 1949 and became a Marine Corps officer.

Norman went to elementary school and high school in Arkansas City and graduated in 1935. His first job out of state job was picking apples in Washington in 1936. In 1941 he traveled to the U.S. territory of Alaska where he spent six months working for the Fairbanks Exploration Company in Yakatan, Alaska.

His career was in the U.S. Civil Service, rising to GS 12 level. His work title was quality control agent or technical representative. He worked for the U.S. Navy in Los Angeles during 1942, and for the U.S. Army Air Corps in San Bernardino in the instruments school at Norton Air Corps Base from 1942 until 1945. Next, he moved to the El Toro Marine Corps Base where he was a quality control office for 10 years.

He served in London from 1955-1957 stationed in the U.S. embassy as an air corps quality control agent for the Republic Aircraft Company. He moved to Italy and worked at the Fiat Motor plant specializing in F-86 aircraft inspection. He ended his career in Gardena, serving as a packing specialist with a GS 12 rating.

Norm was a 32nd degree Mason and active in various temples. He was also active in the Sun City Friendship Club. He and his wife loved to travel, and they visited over 64 countries. He loved to play board games and was a fierce competitor.

Norman was predeceased by both his wife, Ann, and his son, Pat. He is survived by two nieces and a nephew on his wife’s side and a cousin on his mother’s side. “Norm” was always very generous with his family and others, and they certainly appreciated his thoughtfulness.