Norstar given EMWD contract for McCall Boulevard Pipeline replacement


Norstar Plumbing and Engineering was awarded the Eastern Municipal Water District contract to replace EMWD’s McCall Boulevard Pipeline.

The EMWD board voted 5-0, Sept. 2, to award Norstar a $2,113,000 contract for the pipeline replacement project while also appropriating $2,834,221 for the project.

The district’s operations and maintenance staff identified several key pipeline segments in the Sun City area which have experienced multiple line breaks in past years.

“We have a history of leaks in this area,” principal civil engineer Greg Kowalski said.

“These pipelines are of 1960s vintage,” Kowalski said. “They’re reaching the end of their useful lives.”

District staff proposed a capital program to prioritize replacement of those pipelines on an annual basis. The first phase of the program will replace 1.3 miles of 12-inch diameter pipeline along McCall Boulevard between Valley Boulevard and Bradley Road. In October 2018, the EMWD board approved an agreement with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants for the design of the McCall Boulevard Pipeline replacement project and appropriated $291,000 to fund project expenses through the bid and award phase.

In addition to 6,800 feet of 12-inch polyvinyl chloride pipe, the work will also install 120 feet of welded steel pipe along bridge and culvert crossings and 15 connections to existing pipelines. The project also includes 70 new water services and meter reconnections.

Bids for the construction contract were due Aug. 3. Norstar, which is headquartered in Alta Loma, had the low bid of $2,113,000. E.J. Meyer Company of Highland submitted the second-lowest bid at $2,343,333. The engineer’s estimate was $2,200,000.

Norstar has not previously performed work for Eastern, but the proposal included references and a check of those indicated that Norstar has successfully completed similar construction projects for other agencies.

“The references came back positive,” Kowalski said.

The contract duration is 360 calendar days from the issuance of the Notice to Proceed. Construction is expected to begin this month and be complete in September 2021.

The $2,834,221 appropriation covers staff time, surveying and engineering and geotechnical support consultant costs as well as the contract amount. That appropriation brings the total budgeted amount for the project, including the past contract, to $3,125,221.

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