Out of this world athlete recovery facility lands in Temecula, M.A.R.S. is here to help

The M.A.R.S. athlete recovery center is located inside the D-Bat Temecula hitting facility and thrives off their state-of-the-art equipment. JP Raineri photo

There is no denying that a healthy and happy athlete not only performs better but also has the ability to give time and energy to others. Without variety in the workout routine or athletic play, and without rest and recovery, athletes are more susceptible to overtraining injuries. Temecula residents, Craig and Libby Johns, know this all too well, having raised not one, but two NCAA Division 1 baseball players. They also know what it means as successful members of the community to give their time and energy to various projects daily that require every aspect of networking and more.

With two boys in college – Gavin and Hayden Johns both play at the highest level of collegiate baseball – Craig and Libby Johns had been seeking a way to stay connected to the area athletes as they have done for so many years. Craig Johns, when not traveling the globe as the national sales director at Pulsed Energy Technologies, has been embedded in the local sports communities for years, volunteering for countless leagues as a coach, board member and youth advocate. Libby Johns is a certified esthetician that spent most of her years ensuring a positive upbringing for her children while also staying connected to her family’s business as the daughter of Wilson Creek Winery owners, Gerrie and Rosie Wilson.

With such a vast background of helping others, the two are carrying on with what they know best and have founded the Muscle Activation and Recovery System or M.A.R.S. The idea behind M.A.R.S. is to stay connected to local sports and athletes by offering offer up a “Big League” experience while recovering athletes of all sports and activities. M.A.R.S is located inside the D-Bat Temecula hitting facility and has gathered up the equipment and techniques needed in order to support the goals of athletes that desire to be bigger, faster and stronger. The company is going on its third month of business and has been welcomed with high regard from members of the community.

“It’s great having M.A.R.S. right here in our building almost every day,” Matt Hinds, general manager of D-Bat Temecula, said. “I am usually the first to hear about any kind of discomfort or pain local players are having, since they mostly all come through here to hit or throw when not out with their teams. It’s so convenient to walk families down to the staff and introduce them to the setup. M.A.R.S. offers more recovery services than most, all under one roof for the professional, the college, the high school, the youth or the recreational athlete.”

Craig Johns, who is the acting community liaison for the company, said the concept is simple.

“We want to assist athletes in providing a complete suite of products and services to help with post training/racing recovery. We have state-of-the-art equipment used by many professionals, including active compression therapy and electrical muscle stimulation. We provide all of these in a comfortable and relaxing lounge-type setting, along with a big screen television, Wi-Fi and refreshments,” he said.

The circuit involves a 60-minute, five-station cycle that has a high success rate and begins with an auto massage table that also gives the core body a heat increase, while lying on a jade stone roller. Next, the client will focus on circulation and increase blood flow then jump into the Pulsed energy station, which energizes cells. From there they will hit the vibration massage station that truly stimulates soft tissue. Finally, the client will lie down and relax on the hydro massage table, which focuses on a deep tissue massage.

“That’s the one that sends everyone home to sleep,” Craig Johns said

“This is exactly what the valley needed,” Bradley Randle, former professional football player and owner of RB Guru University, said.

Randle runs a home school academy for athletes and operates out of D-Bat as well.

“This gives so many athletes the opportunity to recover faster and get back to the grind. It’s great having them in the same facility,” Randle said.

The staff at M.A.R.S is on a mission to provide the top symbiotic hydration products, while also concentrating on nutritional aspect of life. Craig Johns goes over everything his clients put in their system and offers up simple solutions and fixes, based on what he has taken away from some his top clients. That list includes working with the Padres, Dodgers, Shaquille O’Neal, Matt Kemp, Jake Arrieta and Aaron Judge, just to name a few.

The Johns’ family has always been about connecting and finding voids and connecting those voids with a resource. The next phase of their plan involves teaming up with local chiropractors, who will give neck and back assessments and they plan to have two sports massage therapists on-site four days a month, plus a podiatrist that will offer foot biomechanics and gate assesses as well as custom fit orthotics.

“People keep their secrets to themselves for the most part,” Craig Johns said. “We are all about partnering with those that are doing great thing with fitness and wellness all over. This town is a hot bed for talent, from student athletes to professionals and it is so fun connecting, networking and sharing info. We are super grounded with athletes from all sports and hope many more will come let us treat or prevent injuries.”

Currently M.A.R.S. is utilizing 12 featured athletes to help spread the word about their facility, and two of those athletes shot a promo video that featured competition aerobatic pilot, Anthony Oshinuga and X-Games gold medal winner and professional freestyle motocross rider, Jarryd McNeil. The two went through the circuit, and McNeil completed a wheelie through the entire facility on his dirt bike. After their circuit, they were surprised with an oil painting by local artist Hailey Cairns. The young local artist will be painting each of the featured athletes in the coming months, including Alex Ruiz, who has taken the area by storm, spreading positivity since having his right leg amputated below the knee. Ruiz suffered a devastating injury while playing in a high school football game in 2018 at Linfield Christian High School but has been a beacon of hope for local athletes dealing with injuries.

There are many opportunities in the works at M.A.R.S. which includes franchise opportunities, internships and much more. M.A.R.S. is located at 26201 Ynez Road, Suite 103, in Temecula, inside D-BAT Temecula. To find more information, visit www.marsathletes.com. To book an appointment or visit, call (951) 200-4664 or email marsathletes@gmail.com.

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