Pauba Valley students disperse a little happiness

Pauba Valley Elementary School staff members get into the spirit of the “Happiness Sprinkling” event the school hosted at the corner of Margarita Road and Temecula Parkway Monday, May 6. Jeff Pack photo

There’s not a whole lot better than a bunch of cute faces standing on a street corner on a sunny late afternoon smiling and spreading happiness to anyone who walks or drives by.

That’s what the students at Pauba Valley Elementary School did Monday, May 6, when they stood on the corner of Temecula Parkway and Margarita Road along with their parents, teachers and staff, participating in a “Happiness Sprinkling” event.

All the participants waved, shouted encouragement and held up signs with positive messaging as cars drove by. Many honked in support and thanks for the group’s messages of encouragement.

According to one person in the event, a 20-something young man even stopped and thanked the group for making his day with tears in his eyes.

The school’s principal, Shelley Maxwell, brought the event to Pauba Valley, from Nicolas Valley Elementary where she served as principal previously.

At Nicolas Valley, they held two “Happiness Sprinkling” events, but Maxwell didn’t start the event, it began in Washington at the Center for Happiness.

“I believe we should be teaching and encouraging kids to show kindness to others on a daily basis,” Maxwell said. “I love that a ‘Happiness Sprinkling’ event brings students, staff and families together to share kind words and kindness to the entire community. A ‘Happiness Sprinkling’ is a great way to show students how a simple kind word or phrase can bring joy, hope and a smile to another person.”

Everyone was encouraged to wear yellow and held signs provided by the Center for Happiness that read “You rock,” “Tell them you love them,” “Live your dream,” “You are delightful,” “Thank you,” “Sure you can,” “Free hugs” and more positive messages.

For anyone that walked by, participants handed them business cards with the same phrases on them.

“My biggest hope is that every student at Pauba Valley uses only kind words every day,” Maxwell said. “I also hope that everyone that participates experiences the power a kind word or message can provide to another person. Participating in an event like this shows them firsthand how their small act of kindness and positive words can affect another person. It can change their entire day, week, month or year. I hope our students experience how great it makes you feel when you are able to put a smile on someone else’s face and how easy that is to do.

“The kids themselves get so excited when someone honks or waves back as they drive by and see us on the corner,” she said.

Maxwell said she plans to conduct the event again during the Temecula Valley Unified School District’s “Because Nice Matters Week” in September.

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