Peltzer Family Cellars hopes to host annual pumpkin patch in the fall

Peltzer Family Cellars hopes to open their annual pumpkin patch event in the fall, having just recently planted their pumpkins. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo

Pivot with the changes – that’s been one of Peltzer Family Cellars’s mottos as they progress through challenging times.

Peltzer Family Cellars at 40275 Calle Contento in Temecula Valley’s Wine Country has been working to provide a safe and fun environment for guests during social distancing guidelines.

They’re open, though some of their services may look a little different.

During the fall before the coronavirus pandemic, Peltzer Family Cellars has a variety of things to do including, gem panning, pig races and a train and garden to visit. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo

“Right now, we’re just trying to maintain a safe and open area environment to come hang out and feel comfortable,” Moriah Wilson, marketing manager of Peltzer Family Cellars, said.

Due to maintaining guests outside in the fresh air, they’ve expanded out into their decomposed granite area, as well as opening up the farmstead for extra seating Saturdays and Sundays.

They’re currently serving wine by the glass and bottle, and their Silo bar is open on weekends. They also serve sangria, and right now they are offer a “quarantine cooler,” along with a new wine slushie that has been a hit, according to Wilson.

The farmstead is located next to the garden ceremony site at Peltzer Family Cellars with quite a few mulberry trees that keep the area shaded on a warm day. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo

While they don’t currently have live music or events, they hope to host their annual pumpkin patch, which is how the Peltzers first got started.

“In 1996, they opened a pumpkin farm in Orange County,” Wilson said, adding that the Peltzers are fifth-generation farmers. “Every year, late September through the end of October, we do a full-blown pumpkin patch.

“Tons of stuff for kids, super family-oriented; we’ve seen the same families come back every single year since they were babies, so we get to watch our community grow,” Wilson said. “We’re looking forward to the future, we’re waiting for the go-ahead and as fall approaches that’s our biggest season.”

The pumpkins were just planted recently.

Peltzer Family Cellars remains open, while practicing safe social distancing guidelines, Friday, July 24. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo

“We’re hoping for the best and although it might look a little different, we’re hoping to have it,” she said.

Temecula resident Kim Butler’s first event with Peltzer Family Cellars was the pumpkin patch.

“I brought my grandchildren, and they had a blast playing and all of the events,” Butler said. “My granddaughter’s favorite was panning for gold.”

Butler first joined Peltzer Family Cellars two years ago.

“I just loved the atmosphere and they’re very relaxed and family oriented,” she said.

Peltzer Family Cellars also has food trucks come out daily in support of local businesses. During the winter season, they open an ice rink on the property and do a Christmas tree lighting.

“Charlee, my granddaughter, loved ice skating,” Butler said. “She got to skate with Elsa and Anna – this winter my grandson should be able to give the ice skating rink a whirl – he will be just over 2 years old.”

Toward the front of their property, they have a farm area where they host Nashville Nights and other events like the pumpkin farm, which has pig races, petting zoo and pony rides when it’s open.

Peltzer Family Cellars also hosts weddings, next to an area for gem panning.

“Our favorite thing to do is plan things for the community to take part in and feel like they belong with us and create family traditions,” Wilson said.

On the way down to the farmstead, a large red caboose sits out front with a unique story tied to how it came to be at Peltzer Family Cellars.

Owners Charlie and Carrie Peltzer passed by the caboose when their children were growing up as they went out to the desert, Wilson said.

“They’d always hop out and take a picture in front of it, and Carrie always wanted a caboose,” Wilson said. “It went up for auction at some point, and it was just a cool, full circle type of moment.”

Wilson said that they have plans for it in the future; however, for now Peltzer Family Cellars awaits the day they can reopen events to the community.

“You’ve got to keep your thoughts positive,” she said. “I think the main tag line of this whole thing for small businesses has been pivot. Pivot with the changes.”

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