Police find Riverside County girl apparently exploited for prostitution in Pomona


MORENO VALLEY (CNS) – A 17-year-old girl from Moreno Valley, taken into custody by police for alleging loitering along Holt Avenue in Pomona with the intent to commit prostitution, was released into the custody of the Los Angeles County Probation Department for an unrelated charge, police said today.

“This is the fourth teenage victim that has been successfully rescued from the Holt Corridor in the past two weeks,” said Officer Diana Hernandez of the Pomona Police Department.

Officers patrolling the corridor on Friday saw the girl and several other women loitering in the area of Holt and Mountain View avenues and contacted her when they believed she was attempting to commit prostitution, Hernandez said.

“The young girl provided false information, identifying herself as an adult,” she said. “The officer was unable to positively confirm the information provided and she was ultimately transported to the Pomona City Jail.”

Once at the jail, the Moreno Valley resident was positively identified as a 17 year old.

“The juvenile was from Moreno Valley where she was supposed to be visiting her family,” she said. “She stated she traveled to an area known for prostitution in Los Angeles (County), where she spent several hours.”

Hernandez said the teenager was later taken to the Holt Corridor by her “exploiter,” where she began loitering with the intent to commit prostitution and earn money for her “exploiter.”

Police said several attempts were made to contact her family, but they could not be reached. She was ultimately released into the custody of the county probation department for an unrelated charge.

The investigation was ongoing.