Prepare a deck for winter

As summer turns to fall, homeowners should take measures to protect their decks from winter weather. Courtesy photo

TEMECULA – Homeowners often take steps to winterize the interior of their homes in the fall before winter’s arrival, but such efforts should extend to the outside of a home as well.

Decks make for great gathering places when the weather permits. Decks are where many people spend their free time and eat their meals come spring and summer, when the temperatures climb and the sun sets well into the evening. But as summer turns to fall, homeowners must take measures to protect their decks from winter weather.

Inspect the deck for problems. Decks tend to be used more often in summer than any other time of year. That makes fall an ideal time to inspect for wear and tear and any additional issues that may have cropped up throughout the summer. Damaged boards and loose handrails should be fixed before winter arrives, especially for homeowners who plan to use their decks in winter. Fixing such issues in winter and spring may be difficult thanks to rainy conditions, so make good use of the relatively calm autumn weather to fix any issues on the deck.

Clear the deck of potted plants. Even homeowners who intend to use their decks in winter should remove potted plants from the deck in the fall. The home improvement experts at HGTV said that moisture can get trapped between deck boards and plastic, wood or ceramic containers in cold weather and trapped moisture can contribute to mildew, discoloration or decay.

Store any unnecessary furniture. Homeowners who like to sit on their decks in winter will no doubt want to leave some furniture out over the winter. But those with lots of furniture for entertaining guests can likely move the majority of that furniture into a garage or shed for the winter. HGTV said that doing so will prevent the potential formation of blemishes on the deck that can result from inconsistent weathering.

Homeowners who take steps to protect their decks throughout the winter months can ensure these popular areas are ready once entertaining season returns in the spring.