According to Lake Elsinore city officials, a protest is scheduled to be formed at the city’s Lakepoint Park this afternoon.

“We are aware of social media posts calling for peaceful protests today and next Tuesday in our city,” City Manager Grant Yates said Tuesday in an email. “The city and Sheriff’s Department are fully engaged and we are monitoring closely.”

On Wednesday morning, Lake Elsinore Mayor Brian Tisdale took to social media where he posted on the subject.

“Today we have scheduled protests in the city at Lakepoint Park,” he wrote. “The right to assemble and peacefully protest is our constitutional right. The right to riot and vandalize is not. For 22 years I served my nation as a United States Marine to protect our constitutional rights. Our Sheriff’s Department is going to take a firm stand and make sure that properties are not damaged in Lake Elsinore. The residents of Lake Elsinore must also take a stand. We cannot allow outsiders to come to our city and hold us hostage. It disgusts me to see our stores boarded up. Please report any criminal activity and stand up for Lake Elsinore.”

Valley News will be in attendance for the planned protest and will report from the scene.