Rancho Water appoints Kuebler to fill vacant seat

Members of the Rancho California Water District’s board of directors and staff hear from Joseph Kuebler, who was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the board during a Zoom meeting, Thursday, Aug. 6. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Rancho California Water District’s board of directors unanimously appointed Joseph Kuebler to fill a seat vacated by longtime board member Lisa Herman recently.

Kuebler was chosen by the board in a Thursday, Aug. 6, special meeting via YouTube that consisted of nine candidates, who each had the opportunity to speak to the board and field questions from board members.

Kuebler was chosen from a field that included John “Jack” Hoagland, Lewis Metza, Nathan Price, Janis Sukrau, Skylar Tempel, Louis “Lou” Williams, Richard Williamson and William Woodrome.

“It was great to see so many applicants willing to step up and take the reins from a long-term board member,” board President Bill Wilson said in a news release. “We chose Joe because he was able to step in quicker than most and has an unbiased opinion. He is also very familiar with the challenges of the water world.”

According to the news release, Kuebler has a long history in water supply having served as a director on Eastern Municipal Water District’s board from 1996-2018. He is also active in several state and regional water and wastewater associations and served as a board member at various Temecula area nonprofits.

Kuebler has lived in Temecula for 37 years.

He will now serve out the remainder of Herman’s term through early December 2020. This position will be up for reelection Nov. 3, where the public will cast their vote to determine who will fill the seat for the next four years.

Keubler started his tenure at the board meeting Aug. 13, according to the news release.

Following the special meeting, the district held a regular meeting of the board members of the Rancho California Water District finance and audit committee.

The committee heard a Vail Lake/KOA property update from assistant general manager and chief financial officer and treasurer, Rick Aragon; a semiannual review of investment report and portfolio, and review of the treasurer’s report as of June 30 by Aragon; and reviewed the California Municipal Treasurers Association investment policy certification by budget and debt administrator Bill Moses.

The committee approved to move the possible purchase of a dump truck and excavator to the board after a presentation by procurement and contracts administrator John Miller. If ultimately approved they will buy one Caterpillar Excavator Model 315F Track Hoe Excavator with accessories, and one Freightliner Model 122SD with 15-foot Dump Body.

Aragon also talked to the committee about a vote at the board of director’s meeting to suspend rate increases for consumers until June 1, 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The board had previously suspended a summer rate increase until the fall, anticipating an economic recovery by then.

“As we all know, that’s not the case,” Aragon told the committee. “Numbers have jumped up over the summer, restrictions have continued on various forms. Our community is still very impacted by this.”

“I think this is a really good thing that we’re doing to assist as many people as we can financially within the district,” committee member Danny Martin said. “And I think it will be appreciated.”

The committee also heard a review of financial statements, a quarterly review of calendar year-to-date report disclosing per diems and reimbursements paid to the board of directors, a review of outside contracts, capital projects and purchasing reports, reviewed and ratified the register of audited demands for May 22 through July 22, and heard the assistant general manager’s report.

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