Reopening to meet your needs

Andrew Zucker
Andrew Zucker, Attorney at Law, The Zucker Law Firm

Andrew Zucker, Zucker Law Firm

Special to Valley News

It’s official. On Monday, May 18, Gov. Gavin Newsom conceded to most California counties seeking to enter Phase 2 – or some modified version of it – allowing some steps forward. It means a gradual progression toward the reopening of businesses and the revival of local economies. It means more of that “getting back to normal” that has struck headlines across the country and become highly sought after the longer everyone has been cooped up and stuck at home. It means the opportunity to get back out into the world and take control of some things that might have fallen by the wayside in the past few months – that have felt like years.

What does it mean for you? Well, for Zucker Law Firm, it means reaching out to the local community and to the individuals that put some things on the back burner simply because other matters became more pressing and lodged at the forefront of their minds. Like many small and community-based businesses, we closed our doors for the safety of our staff, families and community. It didn’t mean we stopped working; in fact, we continued case management for our existing clients via digital means: internet, telephone and email. It was inconceivable we’d let the shelter-in-place impact the commitment we made to our clients, and we continued to meet deadlines and ensure case progression for our clients’ satisfaction and benefit.

What can it mean for you? If you had an accident, where you were injured or a love one was killed, and you’ve considered seeking legal counsel, now is the time to take action. Take control of your situation and get answers to your questions or concerns. How will my medical bills get paid? What medical care should I seek? How will I get compensated for my lost income from missing work? Should I talk to the insurance company or hire an attorney to do so? We can answer all of these questions for your specific case and give you guidance based on our experience for over 20 years of handling injury and wrongful death cases.

In the wake of the shelter-in-place easements, we are offering free, half-hour teleconference consultations to better discuss your unique situation and concerns and let us utilize our experience to lay out the best course of action for you. This consultation doesn’t translate to a contractual obligation and provides you the relaxed environment to consider your options. In our post-lockdown society, you can take control of an uncertain situation by contacting us to help you settle on a path forward in at least one lane of your life.