Resolution calls for local control for energy choices

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I attended the Temecula City Council meeting, Sept. 3, to comment on the “balanced energy” resolution on the consent calendar.  This idea sounds like a good one since the verbiage included local control over energy sources as part of this proposal.  This plan is just what the formation of Community Choice Aggregates provides.

However, I was notified by my colleagues at the Sierra Club that this resolution is sponsored by the gas industries. Our support for this resolution is because it gives Temecula the opportunity to join our neighbor cities and counties in giving local control through CCAs and avoiding the use fossil fuels when possible. Clean renewable energy sources must be a major part of our energy package and is becoming the more efficient and affordable fuel source.  We all know it’s time to do our part due to the current climate crisis.

I understand and saw from the testimony this evening that this resolution about “balanced energy” is really a way to push natural gas as the best source. We do not support this type of dirty and dangerous fossil fuel as source of energy choice. We support renewable sources and electrification of homes versus the dangerous gas-feed neighborhoods.

Pam Nelson

Chair of the Santa Margarita Group/San Gorgonio chapter of the Sierra Club