Response To ‘Lake Elsinore Area Residents Organize to Oppose Hydroelectric Project’

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It is important to clarify misinformation about Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District and the proposed Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumped Storage project that were reported in the Jan. 23 story “Lake Elsinore area residents organize to oppose hydroelectric project.”

EVMWD is not a partner in LEAPS. Under a 2018 agreement to settle litigation between EVMWD and Nevada Hydro, which is the project’s proponent, Nevada Hydro will be able to deposit imported water into Lake Elsinore for its operations. Nevada Hydro will be responsible for all the costs of securing and delivering the additional water and the district would convey it through our distribution system should the LEAPS project receive federal licensing approval. Specific source has not been identified but will come through a regional wholesaler. The agreed-upon lake level that would have to be maintained is 1,240 feet, not 1,244 feet as was quoted in the story.

EVMWD has been part of an ongoing effort to improve water quality in Lake Elsinore. The district adds 5 million gallons of highly treated recycled water to the lake each day, though the city has no required lake level. We pride ourselves on being a good steward of the lake and will continue to serve as a resource for this important community partnership.

Greg Thomas

General Manager

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District