Retraction and apology

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In the June 5, 2020, edition of Valley News, a mistake was made in the opinion piece, “In response to ‘TVUSD Board Breaks Law, refuses to self-report’” Credit for authorship was erroneously given to Mr. Paul Andersen of Wildomar, who actually submitted a piece entitled “Imagine Today.” This was done in error and Valley News is retracting the story since the author of In response to ‘TVUSD Board Breaks Law, refuses to self-report,’” is unknown as it was submitted anonymously via fax.

After a lengthy discussion with Mr. Andersen, who was very gracious and understanding in regard to the error, Valley News agreed not just to correct the error but to retract the entire piece, due to its inflammatory nature.

In all my years in the newspaper business, I have never issued a retraction, but in this instance felt it necessary to do so.

The entire Valley News organization and I personally, sincerely apologize to Mr. Andersen for this error.