Ricky Estrada declares candidacy for next Menifee mayor

Ricky Estrada. Courtesy photo

Ricky Estrada, a Menifee resident, substitute teacher and baseball coach, has announced his desire to become the city’s next mayor on his webpage, www.estrada4menifee.com.

Estrada made his desire known last month, and the next at-large Menifee mayoral election is scheduled for Nov. 3, 2020. Bill Zimmerman is currently the appointed mayor of the city, following the unexpected death of former Menifee Mayor Neil Winter.

“I would love to bring fresh, new and innovative ideas to government and bring a youthful voice to the city of Menifee. As part of the city’s future generation, I want to bring an empowering voice to every citizen who envisions a bright future for their sons and daughters in the city of Menifee,” Estrada said in his webpage announcement. “The country is changing and new ideas are needed in order to run a fiscally responsible government. We all deserve a government which puts the power back in every citizen’s pocket. As a future leader of the city, I hold and oath the always bring forth policies which empower every individual’s self destiny, love thy neighbor and uphold the constitution. In God We Trust.”

Estrada is a graduate of University of California San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in political science, with an emphasis on public policy. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. He worked as a K-12 substitute teacher in Menifee and served as a former professional baseball umpire in the minor leagues. He is currently a Riverside County College Baseball umpire and a Los Angeles Dodgers intern in community relations and marketing.

Visit Estrada’s webpage to discover his views on financial matters, education, safety and transportation.

The elected mayor of Menifee receives a salary of $9,000 per year and serves a 4-year term.

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