Riverside County new residential treatment facility brings expanded health and addiction services to residents

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TEMECULA – Riverside County will ring in the New Year knowing that residents will have additional options for behavioral health treatment, with the opening of Jackson House Temecula, a short-term acute residential mental health and addictive disease treatment facility.

This newly renovated facility, located at 28999 Old Town Front Street, Suite 104, in Temecula hosted an Open House event, Jan. 9, inviting residents, members of the county health care community and local government leaders to tour the facility and learn more about the treatment options and amenities.

While the northern and eastern communities of Riverside County offer residents’ greater options for behavioral health services, southern Riverside County residents have little to no services for mental health and addiction. That will change with the opening of Jackson House Temecula.

“We understand that early intervention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and substance use disorders are important to recovery and long-term success of treatment. Currently, some residents of southern Riverside County in need of mental health or addiction treatment present at the hospital emergency departments, which are not only more expensive, but are also unable to provide on-going care. In many cases those experiencing early episodes can avoid psychiatric hospitalization and receive more personalized treatment in a short-term residential behavioral health facility,” Patrick Ziemer, president and chief development officer of Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System, said. “We are very excited to be adding a new facility in the community for the benefit of southern Riverside County and Temecula residents. This will allow greater family involvement in treatment, which improves outcomes.”

Ziemer said the facility is a “voluntary, short-term 24-hour recovery-based program where residents can receive focused and structured treatment which includes practicing real-world recovery therapies in a home-like setting by performing daily household activities along with learning basic living and social/interpersonal skills necessary to successfully transition back into the community. This new facility will allow individuals experiencing a crisis to be served and supported in their community which is more desirable for the individual and their family.”

Slated to open its doors February 2020, Jackson House Temecula will provide treatment that will serve as an alternative to or continuation of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization in an environment that is more home-like and recovery oriented.

“Typically, psychiatric hospitalization concentrates on addressing the acute episode only, at Jackson House Temecula the focus will be on not only treating the acute episode, but also on stabilization and long-term recovery,” Ziemer said. “We help clients by providing them the tools to understand and manage their illness, which enables them to live the quality of life that they desire. We are looking forward to bringing these much-needed services to the residents of southern Riverside County.”

Temecula’s former mayor and current council member Mike Naggar said, “Mental illness is proliferating throughout society. Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses lead to addiction, broken families, crime and suicide. We all are touched by mental illness in some fashion, and I am pleased to welcome Jackson House into our community. Jackson House is a place where our residents can go to get help and treatment. God bless their work.”

The contemporary design of this newly renovated 5500-square-foot, 16-bed, 24-hour crisis residential treatment facility will offer semi-private rooms, indoor and outdoor spaces, large group rooms and computer lab space, as well as private meeting rooms for groups and individual client consultations.

“There is a growing need to bring innovative solutions to the complex problems that exist in behavioral health, as we considered opportunities for expanding this level of care across southern California, we were humbled and excited to bring Jackson House Temecula to the residents of Riverside County,” Zafar Azimov, board member of Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System, said.

Jackson House Temecula is the continuation of several planned short-term residential treatment facilities that will utilize the successful model Jackson House started in La Mesa. Jackson House believes that clients should be treated in the least restrictive setting possible and provides the residential setting as an option to a locked psychiatric hospital environment, when appropriate. Treatment that focuses on identifying, learning and applying the tools needed to manage mental illness and substance use disorders can deliver hope to the residents of Riverside County and their families who struggle with the symptoms of these diseases.

Jackson House Temecula is a highly structured, supportive, voluntary, short-term acute residential treatment program. Their specialized team of clinical and medical professionals provides individualized, evidenced-based treatment interventions designed to equip clients with skills to get well, while learning to live well. Clients at Jackson House Temecula are supported as they work on symptom management, sleep, hygiene, self-regulation, medication compliance and living and relating in the real world. Jackson House Temecula is an alternative to acute inpatient hospitalization, when appropriate, and a bridge to lower levels of care, charting a pathway home. Their team works with our clients loved ones and health care providers to develop a wellness action plan and ensure a seamless transition of care. Jackson House Temecula is a cellphone and computer-friendly environment.

Jackson House Temecula is an affiliated member of the Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System family of services. For more information, visit www.JacksonHouseCares.com.

Submitted by Jackson House Temecula.