Riverside district attorney Michael Hestrin refuses to protect residents

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I am a resident of Riverside County, and my business was located in Riverside County. A few years ago, our company took on a project in Puerto Rico only to get caught up in the Puerto Rico bankruptcy. An extensive investigation by us determined that all the municipal agencies in Puerto Rico were bankrupt long before they issued the $70 billion in bonds they defaulted on.

The municipal agencies were able to “buy” good credit ratings from Wall Street’s largest bond rating companies and major Wall Street banks knowingly sold these worthless bonds to their best customers.

We initially reported our findings to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice. Just like the early years with Bernie Madoff, when the whistleblowers were ignored by both agencies, we were ignored. Next, I went to my congressman and both senators.  They offered no help and refused to meet with us. To add insult to injury, my congressman and my two senators, who were now fully informed by us about the $70 billion securities fraud, accepted large donations from these Wall Street criminals, which is extortion, and voted for legislation to provide legal protection to these firms, which is racketeering.

Before my company closed, we held a 60-minute news conference and posted it on YouTube. The news conference spelled out in detail the most mind-numbing criminal activities of these Wall Street firms, their executives and our politicians. A second-year law student could win convictions with this information. I gave that video to district attorney Michael Hestrin as part of my criminal complaint.

I demanded that the district attorney hold Rep. Duncan Hunter and my Sen. Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein criminally accountable for what they have done. It is also a crime to be fully aware of these significant felonies and not report it to the authorities. Instead, Hestrin’s office refused to confirm receiving my criminal complaint and will not respond to any of my inquiries. It appears the district attorney is more concerned about protecting or enhancing his career then protecting the residents of Riverside County.

Richard Lawless

CEO of Commercial Solar Power